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Kett's entrance.

Kett (デビアスの館, Binketto no Kan?, lit. Vinquette's Hall) is a dungeon in Final Fantasy Adventure. This dungeon is the first in the game to feature Damage floor and Pitfall.


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Sumo and Fuji comes across Kett when venturing into the marshes. Within the building, the butler greets them and offers a place to stay for the night in the western most room. Inside the room, Fuji gives Sumo a magic book so that he can learn the Cure spell. During the night, Mr. Lee, the owner of the place, finds in Fuji another victim he looks for. Upon waking up in the morning, Fuji is nowhere to be found. The butler who offered the party to stay the night has not seen her leave, and tells Sumo that he doesn't know her either. Sumo leaves for the Lizardmen's Nest in order to find the key for the Cave of Marsh.

After finding the Mirror, Sumo returns to Kett and talks with the butler. Upon seeing the mirror, he undergoes a transformation and attacks Sumo. After his defeat, Sumo ventures into the lower parts of the castle. At the bottom of the basement is a room filled with caskets, Sumo find Fuji inside one of them. When the both of them reaches the exit, Mr. Lee, a giant vampire appears before them.

Upon his defeat, Sumo learns the Sleep spell. Fuji tells him that Wendel is to the south and both of them leave.

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  • In the Japanese version, Mr. Lee kidnapped Fuji because he wanted a virgin's blood.
  • Due to Nintendo's game censorship policies at the time of its western release, all religious symbols had to be removed. Hence the caskets in Kett's basement had their crosses removed and replaced by a "V".