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Ivalice World Map, with Kerwon to the south.

Kerwon (ケルオン大陸, Keruon-dairiku?, lit. Keruon Continent) is a continent in Ivalice in Final Fantasy XII. It makes up the southern continent, and remains largely unexplored beyond its northern portion. Kerwon consists of three regions, namely Bancour, The Jagd Difohr and The Jagd Ramooda.

The Giruvegan is located deep in the Feywood, South of The Golmore Jungle. The only big human settlement that is shown to be located in Kerwon is the center of the Kiltia faith at Mt Bur-Omisace, although the Archadian Empire has set up a magicite mine near Golmore Jungle.

Sage Knowledge[]

Largely forested continent lying to the southeast of Ordalia. Climate varies greatly by region, and many less hospitable areas are uninhabited. In the west of Kerwon dwell the garif, in the wooded north dwell the viera, both living in peace, apparently unaffected by the expansionist hunger which has so dominated hume history. Though the hume presence is strong on the other continents, in Kerwon they can only be found in the eastern highlands, on the slopes of the holy mountain of Kiltia, Bur-Omisace.



Jagd Difohr[]

Jagd Ramooda[]