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Kengo is a boss in Final Fantasy XV fought in the Greyshire Glacial Grotto maze as part of the A Menace Sleeps in the Grotto sidequest. The maze is behind the sealed door at the end of the grotto, opened with the Sealbreaker's Key the player can get from Ezma Auburnbrie in Chapter 15. Defeating it completes A Menace Sleeps in the Grotto, and the player can pick up the firearm Executioner from the floor after defeating it.


A yojimbo lookalike that resides within Greyshire Glacial Grotto. Biologists have determined from its distinct coloration that this swordsman is a slightly different species, but its abilities far surpass those of other sword-wielding daemons. Thankfully, it has not yet been sighted outside the chilly caverns of Cleigne.
Size: 9.31 ft. Weight: 686.9 lb.



Kengo is a daemon fought in an open cave at the end of the Greyshire Glacial Grotto maze. There are no warp or crouch points to quickly recover HP and MP. It guards the Executioner, which can be picked up after defeating it. A gate at the opening to the cavern leading out of the dungeon closes in the room previous to this room; the player must select "Return to entrance" via the Map screen to exit the dungeon.

It uses both physical and magical attacks. Kengo employs Ice-elemental magic attacks capable of inflicting Frozen status, and Dark-elemental attacks capable of causing Instant Death. It is weak to polearms, firearms and Lightning. Its katana attacks have great range. The katana attack it charges can be blocked and parried. It can expel a cloud of dark mist about itself and summon spikes of dark energy from the ground. It can impale Noctis upon its katana and then throw him aside.


The party should be equipped with Safety Bit or Ribbon accessories to remove Kengo's ability to inflict Instant Death (and Ribbon also protects from Frozen), though its attacks will still cause a fair amount of damage. The party can also eat food that provides Death-Defying (Fettini di Cernia at Maagho or Tide Grouper Carpaccio at camp), or wear the Medjay Assassin's Robe attire.

Noctis's Armiger/Armiger Unleashed is best-used as soon as it becomes available and will deal the most damage to Kengo. Noctis should be buffed with Lightning periodically via Ignis's Enhancement Technique. Another of Ignis's Techniques, Overwhelm, deals significant damage, and should be used once Noctis is buffed and if any of the party become stuck behind the gate when it closes when the boss first appears. While attacking, the player should always be ready to defend and parry Kengo when prompted.


Kengō (剣豪) means "sword master" in Japanese.

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