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Kefka's practically a god now, sitting up in that tower of his with the power of the Warring Triad at his command...

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Kefka's Tower is a location in Final Fantasy VI and the final dungeon of the game. It is the lair of Kefka Palazzo in the World of Ruin, formed from the debris of civilization when he moved the Warring Triad out of alignment and destroyed the known world. From atop his tower, Kefka reigns over the world as a god, using the Light of Judgment to wreak further destruction where he pleases.

Although Celes can walk up to the tower right after sailing to the mainland, the tower cannot be entered on foot. After obtaining the Falcon the party can use it to drop into Kefka's Tower from above. Thus, Kefka's Tower can be entered and the game won as soon as the player acquires the airship, though it is highly difficult due to the few party members and resources available at the time. The option to enter the tower and face Kefka any time is present throughout the World of Ruin.


Kefka's Tower was created during the cataclysm, when debris from across the world gravitated to the southern continent and formed the structure. For a year Kefka lorded over the world from atop it, using the Light of Judgment to smite anyone who defied him, or those he just felt like destroying.

Terras Fate Unknown from FFVI Pixel Remaster

The party questions Terra's fate before entering the tower.

After the remnants of the Returners rally together, they make plans to drop into Kefka's Tower from the air. As they do so however, they question the fate of magic, espers, and Terra - the Warring Triad is the source of magic in the world and now the source of Kefka's power. The Returners surmise that if the Triad is destroyed, it is likely that magic would vanish from the world, but they are uncertain about Terra.

Entering the tower, the party is split to three groups. The groups fight their way past Kefka's defenders and eventually confront and destroyed the revived Warring Triad. Though the gods are defeated, magic does not vanish, revealing that Kefka has drained them of their magic. They enter the tower's final chambers and activate three switches that take them to its pinnacle where Kefka awaits.

Final Battle Speech from FFVI Pixel Remaster

Kefka declaring he will destroy everything before the final battle.

Kefka greets the party and flaunts his power before them, and declares all life is meaningless as everything people love and build will eventually be destroyed. When the party declares him wrong and that they can find their own meanings to live, Kefka decides he will destroy their reasons for living and unleashes the Light of Judgment on the planet. The party engages Kefka and defeat his final minions before destroying Kefka himself.

Kefkas Tower Escape from FFVI Pixel Remaster

Terra leads the entourage's escape from the collapsing tower.

With Kefka's death, the tower begins to collapse and the party's magicite bursts into dust. Terra enters her esper form and uses the last of her strength to lead the party to safety. During the escape, Maduin's magicite speaks to Terra and consoles her that if her human form is strongly attached to the world, she may be able to survive the loss of magic as a normal human. Maduin's magicite then crumbles.

As the party reaches the Falcon and take off, Terra flies ahead of the airship to guide them out. The last magicite shard is lost and Terra's strength begins to fade. While the airship makes it out of the collapsing tower, Terra falls from the sky and Setzer dives the airship to catch her. Due to Terra's love for the children of Mobliz, she survives the loss of magic and awakens on the deck of the Falcon. The party flies the airship around the world in celebration and Terra steps up to the bow and enjoys the wind in her hair.


Kefka Towers Start from FFVI Pixel Remaster
Guardian Field from FFVI Pixel Remaster

The starting area of Kefka's Tower (top), and the room holding the Guardian (bottom).

Kefka's Tower is built from random debris from around the world and is largely a mismatched, indistinct pile of dirt, stone, and steel. The tower displays a disorganized and chaotic structure. Rooms of one type open into another largely at random. Large parts of the tower are taken from Vector, with many interior areas resembling the Imperial Palace and Magitek Research Facility and a few specific rooms from those areas are still intact. In the Pixel Remaster port, more distinct remains of buildings and girders can be seen in the tower's exterior, including a torn Imperial banner, and the battle backgrounds show abandoned suits of Magitek Armor among the rubble. Outside the landscape itself swirls into the tower, showing the effects of Kefka twisting the world to form it. The tower is maintained by Kefka's magic, and after his death and magic fades from the world, it immediately begins to violently collapse.

It is impossible for anyone to enter Kefka's Tower on foot. The party must enter by air via the Falcon, with the party members dropping down onto the tower and working their way in from the exterior. Exit from the tower is provided by cranes lowered from the Falcon; in the Pixel Remaster port each party begins with a beacon and switch that will lower a crane for them to be carried out, and in prior ports a single crane will sweep across the three starting areas from right to left, and momentarily stop so the party can grab on. Otherwise, the only way out of the tower is via a Teleport Stone or the Teleport spell.

The party must explore the tower in three groups that eventually converge on a large central switch room that then leads to the Warring Triad. With their defeats the party can enter the final chamber of the tower where three switches, when stepped on simultaneously, take them to Kefka's domain.

Due to the complex nature of the layout of Kefka's Tower, its layout shall be described by the path each party explores. The tables below summarize which bosses each party will encounter, with the colors representing geographic areas of the tower.

West Center East

If Party 1 turns left from the center switch:

Party 1 Party 2 Party 3
Ultima Buster Inferno
Gold Dragon Skull Dragon
Enter switch room Enter switch room Enter switch room
Fiend Goddess Demon

If Party 1 turns right from the center switch:

Party 1 Party 2 Party 3
Ultima Buster Inferno
Gold Dragon Skull Dragon
Enter switch room Enter switch room Enter switch room
Goddess Demon Fiend

Party 1[]

Exterior 1[]

Kefka's Tower Exterior 1-1

Party 1 drops into this area. It introduces the player to the conveyor belts in Kefka's Tower that are one-way. A chest in this area contains a Hypno Crown before dropping down a duct into a cave area.

Cave 1[]

Kefka's Tower Cave 1-1

This cave is a short area with conveyor belts that connects to a palace area.

Palace 1[]

Kefka's Tower Palace 1-1

This area is a loop up, left, and down to a doorway leading outside. A chest here contains the Fixed Dice.

Exterior 2[]

Kefka's Tower Exterior 1-2

This is a small area outside that goes straight down into a duct that leads down to a factory area.

Factory 1[]

Kefka's Tower Factory 1-1

This small room is a blockade to the party's progress, as a platform that connects to the exit is unreachable. Later, the second party can step on a switch here to move the platform into place to let the first party reach the second factory area.

A chest containing a Ribbon is here, accessible only by party two.

Factory 2[]

Kefka's Tower Factory 1-2

This room is a recreation of the room from the Magitek Research Facility where Espers are stored, though the capsules are now shattered. The original room had a treasure chest hidden in a secret pasage; the chest is still here but empty. This area contains a rare enemy, Prometheus, which only appears in this part of Kefka's Tower.

Cave 2[]

Kefka's Tower Cave 1-2

This room is a small loop that exits outside. Though small, the room is notable for being the only place in the game the player can encounter the rare enemy Fiend Dragon, which appear alone and in pairs.

Exterior 3[]

Kefka's Tower Exterior 1-3

A stairwell here is blocked by rubble. Party three can encounter an open treasure chest with a red light in it that removes the rubble. The chest contains a Pinwheel, and the door leads to the Switch Room, where the parties reunite.

Party 2[]

Exterior 1[]

Kefka's Tower Exterior 2-1

Party 2 drops into this area. It is very short and immediately leads to a duct into a cave.

Cave 1[]

Kefka's Tower Cave 2-1

The chest in the upper-left corner of this room contains a Minerva Bustier. Going down there are two exits, the northern exit leads to Cave 2, the southern exit leads to Palace 1.

Cave 2[]

Kefka's Tower Cave 2-2

The chest in this room contains a Pinwheel. There is also a duct here that exits from Factory 2, and is the means by which the party can backtrack through the tower after dropping into Factory 1.

Palace 1[]

Kefka's Tower Palace 2-1

This room is a recreation of the prison cells in the Imperial Palace, though the toilets are obviously non-functional now. Kefka's former cell when he was held prisoner briefly is now occupied by Ultima Buster. When it is defeated, a save point appears here. Otherwise, the player can avoid it, making Ultima Buster the only boss in Kefka's Tower that is optional.

Factory 1[]

Kefka's Tower Factory 2-1

Upon entering this room from the prison, the party immediately drops down, and a pair of stairs to the left offer a way out. This room is the only place in the game where two rare enemies can be encountered, Mover and Muud Suud, the latter is slightly rarer than the former.

Factory 2[]

Kefka's Tower Factory 2-2

This room has ladders up into two pipes. The right-side pipe is one-way and drops the party out of a duct in Cave 2, a means by which they can backtrack after the drop into the Factory room. The left pipe leads outside and deeper into the tower.

Exterior 2[]

Kefka's Tower Exterior 2-2

This area contains two chests with a Force Shield and Force Armor. The duct leads into a factory area in party one's path, where party two must step on a switch to allow party one to proceed. A chest in this area also contains a Ribbon. Outside, the door leads to a cave area.

Cave 3[]

Kefka's Tower Cave 2-3

This area is a short hallway to a palace area.

Palace 2[]

Kefka's Tower Palace 2-2

This area is where the party faces the Gold Dragon, one of the eight legendary dragons. The party can choose to ignore it and move on if they wish.

Palace 3[]

Kefka's Tower Palace 2-3

This area is accessed by both party two and party three, and circles down into the Switch Room where the three parties reunite.

Party 3[]

Exterior 1[]

Kefka's Tower Exterior 3-1

Party 3 drops into this area. It leads down to a chest containing a Red Cap, and two entrances into the Factory areas. The northern door leads to a cave that exits onto a catwalk in the factory. The southern door leads to a cave that exits into a lower area of the factory that goes deeper into the tower.

Cave 1[]

Kefka's Tower Cave 3-1

This area is two caves that connect into the factory, the right-side cave connects to the catwalk and the left-side cave is accessed while leaving the factory and goes outside.

Cave 2[]

Kefka's Tower Cave 3-2

This is a short cave that connects the outside of the first exterior area of party three to a duct that leads into the Factory areas.

Factory 1[]

Kefka's Tower Factory 3-1

A chest in plain sight by the entrance contains a Hero's Ring. Going down the left-hand side of the larger motor at the southern edge of the room takes the party into a complex hidden passage, at the end of which is an Aegis Shield.

The path up leads through a roller belt to the third Factory area.

Factory 2[]

Kefka's Tower Factory 3-2

This is a small area consisting of a roller belt that automatically moves the party along to the next area. When the party uses the pipe in the area to drop down to the first area, they pass through the pipe here. While the pipe seems to connect to the roller belt and is passable terrain, the party's movement both up and down is automatic and there is no way to pass between the belt and the pipe.

Factory 3[]

Kefka's Tower Factory 3-3

This area is a larger factory room with a save point accessible immediately. A catwalk above is accessible from an alternate entrance outside, and leads to two chests with a Nutkin Suit and a Gauntlet. There is also an open chest in the lower area of this room with no function associated with it.

When the party moves to the stairs, they will be ambushed by the boss Inferno and its attachments Ketu and Rahu. After that the party can exit into the left-hand side of Cave 1 and then back to the tower's exterior.

Exterior 2[]

Kefka's Tower Exterior 3-2

The most critical thing of note in this area is a treasure chest with a glowing red light in the lower-left corner - this chest removes rubble block party one's path, allowing them to continue into the tower. The chests here contain a Megalixir and a Rainbow Brush. The door leads into a cave area.

Cave 3[]

Kefka's Tower Cave 3-3

This is a short cave that connects the outside of the second exterior area to a palace area. This is the only area the party can encounter the rare enemy Landworm.

Palace 1[]

Kefka's Tower Palace 3-1

This area is where the party faces the Skull Dragon, one of the eight legendary dragons. The party can choose to ignore it and move on if they wish.

Palace 2[]

Kefka's Tower Palace 2-3

This area is accessed by both party two and party three, and circles down into the Switch Room where the three parties reunite.

Switch Room[]

First Switch Room from FFVI Pixel Remaster
Final Switch Room from FFVI Pixel Remaster

The three parties in both rooms containing multiple switches.

The Switch Room is where all three parties come together and work together to slowly open the path forward to the final set of challenges. When the second and third parties step on the switches here, the doors in the middle open for party one. Then, move them off the switches. Once party one is inside, they must move either left or right, and the catwalk will seal behind them when they do. Go down and push the weight off the ledge to the switch below, allowing that party to access the center catwalk. They can go into the next room, take the path the first party did not pick, and drop another weight to let the third party in.

With all three parties able to enter the next room, move them up onto the switches, and this will raise the central catwalk and create a staircase forward. Now the central party can go back and use a new exit on the elevated catwalk to reach a new switch in the previous room. This switch creates new doors for the other two parties where they pushed the weights off.

The switch puzzle is now resolved and the three parties can continue on. The left-side party will face Fiend, the central party will face Guardian and Demon, and the right-side party will face Goddess. These choices abstract down to if the first party goes left or right in the second room, as this determines how the other two parties must shift. If they choose the left side, the first party will fight Fiend, the second will fight Goddess, and the third will fight Guardian and Demon; if they choose the right side, the first party will fight Goddess, the third will fight Fiend, and the second will fight Guardian and Demon. It is impossible for the first party to fight Guardian or Demon, the second to fight Fiend, or the third to fight Goddess.

Before climbing the stairs to face Demon with the central party, there is an invisible path south to a chest with a Ribbon, the final treasure of the tower.

Once the Warring Triad is defeated, the three parties can enter the final room and step on the switches to automatically proceed to a cutscene and the final sequence of boss battles.



Note - some enemies only appear in a single room.

Final Bosses - Statue of the Gods



Eight legendary dragons[]

Mighty Guard from FFVI Pixel Remaster
Phantom Rush from FFVI Pixel Remaster

The party fighting the Gold and Skull Dragon in Kefka's Tower.

The Gold Dragon and Skull Dragon are encountered in the tower as two of the eight legendary dragons that need to be defeated to receive the Crusader magicite.

Item runs[]

Entering Kefka's Tower early in the World of Ruin is a popular strategy to acquire some of the valuable treasures within. A common and safe way to do this is to recruit Mog from Narshe and get Molulu's Charm, which blocks all random encounters; a party with Mog wearing the Charm can explore the tower safely. It is possible to find a large number of the party's treasures without facing any bosses, and early in the World of Ruin these items can be extremely beneficial to the party.

The first party's path contains Fixed Dice, the second party's path has Minerva Bustier, Ribbon, Force Shield and Force Armor, and the third party's path has Red Cap, Nutkin Suit, Gauntlet, Hero's Ring, and Aegis Shield.


Sephirot using Force Field from FFVI Pixel Remaster
Sophia using Quasar from FFVI Pixel Remaster

The Fiend and Goddess using the Force Field and Quasar Lore abilities respectively.

The most notable enemy in the tower for learning Lores is the Dark Force. The Dark Force uses almost every Lore in the game, save for Transfusion, Mighty Guard, Force Field and Grand Delta, the latter two of which are only learned from specific bosses. Should the party encounter the Dark Force, which can attack in pairs, waiting and letting them attack will allow Strago to learn most of his Lores. On their seventh turn, the Dark Force will use Quasar, a very rare Lore only used by Goddess and Gilgamesh otherwise. This makes the Dark Force the only non-boss enemy to use Quasar.

The second notable enemy is the boss Fiend. Fiend uses the Force Field Lore and is the only enemy in the game to use it. If the player does not bring Strago to the fight with Fiend, the only way for him to learn Force Field is to bring him to the Soul Shrine in the Advance and mobile releases, where Fiend can be fought again.

Many other enemies use Lores as well.

Enemy Lore Usage
Vector Lythos White Wind Use Sketch or Control
Great Malboros Bad Breath Uses while alone, or Sketch it.
Duel Armor Lv.5 Death and Lv.4 Flare Opens every battle by using one or the other.
Death Machines Lv.5 Death Uses it on the first turn.
InnoSent Lv.? Holy May use it on fifth turn; preferable to use Sketch.
Metal Hitman Dischord Can use it every turn, can also be Sketched.
Movers Mighty Guard and 1000 Needles Has a chance to use them every turn when alone.
Junk Transfusion and Self-Destruct Often use either on their first turn.


Several notable Rages for Gau can be acquired here.

Enemy Attack
Great Behemoth Meteor
Vector Lythos White Wind
Primeval Dragon Firaga
Vector Chimera Aqua Breath
Landworm Magnitude 8
Death Machine Death
Metal Hitmen Dischord
Gamma Dischord
Mover Meltdown
Yojimbo Shock
Dark Force Tsunami
Cherry Holy
Outsider Holy

Item farming[]

In the Advance and 2014 releases, the final battle with Kefka allows the player to farm two of the best weapons in the game, the Ragnarok and Ultima Weapon. The final two enemies in the Statue of the Gods, Rest and Lady, each have one of the swords as a common Steal. The player can steal the swords to use when the game is reloaded for access to the Dragons' Den and Soul Shrine. The final battle can be fought again in such circumstances if the player wishes to acquire multiple copies of the weapons.

Tigerfangs, one of the best claws in the game, can be stolen from Great Behemoths. The weapon is otherwise unique and the Great Behemoth is the only way to get more.

Fiend Dragons rarely have Guard Bracelets to steal. These are very rare items and can only be alternatively farmed in a handful of ways.

Vector Chimeras have Thunder Shields via Metamorph, but only have a 25% chance of turning into them. Muud Suuds have Thunder Shields as rare steals and no common steal, making them more effective for farming Thunder Shields. Muud Suuds can also be Metamorphed into Organyx swords, the most powerful non-unique sword in the game.

X-Potions can be stolen from Landworms.

Movers drop Magicite, one of the few ways to acquire the item and the best way to farm them, since the Movers are located in a single room and are fought in groups, while other enemies that allow access to Magicite are harder to find or need it to be stolen or Metamorphed.

Yojimbos can be Metamorphed into Genji Gloves.

The Ahriman and Daedalus can variably be morphed into the Lich Ring, Cursed Ring, or Thornlet, all very rare equipment pieces that can otherwise only be acquired once or from bosses. While the practical use of the former two items is dubious, the Thornlet is the most powerful Hat in the game that can be equipped by all party members save Umaro, a point worth consideration in spite of its drawback of inflicting sap on the wearer.

In addition to the mentioned specific items, every single weapon used with the Tools command can be stolen from the various machine-type enemies found in the factory areas.


Note - due to the complexity of the tower's layout, with the exception of the Switch Room and subsequent areas, outlined tiles are entrances and exits on party one's path, transparent tiles are on party two's path, and solid tiles are on party three's path.


Kefka's Tower Outside Map


Kefka's Tower Cave Map


Kefka's Tower Palace Map


Kefka's Tower Factory Map

Switch Room and final rooms

Kefka's Tower Final Map

Musical themes[]

Kefka's Tower background theme is fittingly called "Last Dungeon." When the party arrives at the top of the tower and confronts Kefka, "The Fanatics" plays, followed by "Kefka". "Balance Is Restored" plays after the final battle as the party flees the tower.

The original version of "Kefka's Tower" is included on the music player in Final Fantasy XV. The Memories of FFVI album it is the eleventh track of is bought for 100 gil from JM Market in Taelpar Rest Area.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy XIV[]

FFXIV Zurvan Second Battlefield

The second battlefield in the Containment Bay Z1T9.

An area resembling Kefka's Tower appears in Final Fantasy XIV, serving as the second battlefield during the encounter with Zurvan, the Demon inside the Containment Bay Z1T9. The original location shows up in the battle with The Guardian in Sigmascape V3.0.

Dissidia Final Fantasy (2008)[]

DFF Arena - Kefka's Tower

Kefka's Tower.

Kefka's Tower is the representative arena for Final Fantasy VI and is where Firion begins his storyline, and Cecil splits up from Tidus and Firion. Zidane and Terra battle Kefka in their respective storylines in the tower, and in Shade Impulse is it the site of the final battle with Kefka. The tower is host to a handful of confrontations between villains, such as when Kefka advises Kuja to kidnap Squall.

The portion of the tower shown is a multi-layered factory-like area. The top section features catwalks and esper-retaining capsules in small alcoves, while the lower section contains several closed-in areas with pipes running between walls. The upper portion of the tower is wider than the lower areas, and has railings the character can grind on. The Ω form of the stage features vents of magical steam that explode from walls whenever part of the stage is destroyed or a character is wall rushed, knocking characters through the air and bouncing them between walls. The steam damages their Bravery, adding it to the Bravery pool.

The Magicite shard is the battlegen item obtained through stage destruction in this area. There is a minor graphical glitch in the area involving the capsule tops.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

Kefka's Tower returns as an arena. Vaan and Terra stop here while fleeing from Kefka, and it is where Kain meets with the Warrior of Light to tell him the truth of the cycles of war.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy[]

The location of the final battle with Kefka appears as the Battle Music Sequence for "Dancing Mad."

Theatrhythm Curtain Call[]

The top floor of Kefka's Tower returns as the BMS for "Dancing Mad," while the lower areas appear as the Field Music Sequence for its eponymous theme.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

PFF Kefka Final Battle
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Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

Kefka's Tower, Part 1[]

FFRK Kefka's Tower, Part 1 FFVI
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Kefka's Tower, Part 2[]

FFRK Kefka's Tower, Part 2 FFVI
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Behind the scenes[]

Because Kefka's Tower can be accessed as soon as the Falcon is acquired, the player can play through the final dungeon with only the three characters required to recruit in the World of Ruin—Celes, Edgar, and Setzer. This is known in the fan community as a "CES challenge".

Battleback vector

Vector's battle background.

Inside Kefka's Tower in the 4-ton switch puzzle area, the random encounters are disabled. The encounter's are set to formation #429 (Mover x3) and #430 (Muud Suud x1) with this battle background.

During the confrontation with Kefka, the scenes play out slightly different depending on the party compositions. Characters take priority for the cutscene based on their order in the game data, which is the same order they appear in on the party select menu: Terra, Locke, Cyan, Shadow, Edgar, Sabin, Celes, Strago, Relm, Setzer, Mog, Gau, Gogo, and Umaro.

The 1st party will take position in the center of the area below Kefka, the 2nd party to the left, and the 3rd party to the right, and the characters in each party that come earliest in the index will be in the center of the four party members when the party members separate. When Kefka levitates two characters, he will levitate whichever characters in the 2nd and 3rd parties are earliest in the index, and the character in the 1st party who is earliest in the index will be the one to step forward and speak to him. Then, the earliest character in the index among all three parties will be the one to step onto the rubble and speak to Kefka, and when he unleashes the Light of Judgment, they will also be the first party member to rise next to him, and the next-earliest character in the index among the three parties will be the second.

Just before the party fights Kefka, if Terra was not re-recruited into the party, a scene will play of her sensing the party needs her in Mobliz, and she runs outside and transforms into her esper form to fly to Kefka's Tower. Then, after Kefka is defeated, Terra flies into the scene and the ending continues as normal.

During the ending, any characters who were not recruited will not have their unique ending scene play, instead having their portrait appear on-screen as the screen pans over a location important to that character; for example, Cyan's portrait appears over Doma Castle, and Gau's appears over Crescent Mountain Cave. The exception is Terra, as she always flies to Kefka's Tower to take part in the ending regardless of if the player recruited her, and her ending scene will always play. If Sabin and Locke were not recruited, Edgar's scene and Celes's scene, respectively, play out differently. There is also an alternate version of Relm's scene for if she was recruited, but not Strago.

After the party reaches the airship and the ending credits begin, the scenes aboard the airship differ only by the absence of any characters not recruited in the World of Ruin, the other characters present will behave in the same manner, and the same scenes of towns rebuilding will play.



  1. only in the "U-Turn" cave following the Magitek Research Chamber - 1st Party
  2. only in the "U-Turn" cave following the Magitek Research Chamber - 1st Party
  3. The cave right before the Gold Dragon's room - 2nd Party
  4. The cave after the room with the boss Inferno (3rd Party)
  5. only in the room immediately following the prisons - 2nd Party
  6. only in the room immediately following the prisons where Ultima Buster was fought- 2nd Party
  7. the room with the esper capsules, 1st Party