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Keeper of the Farseer is a time-limited event where Caius from Final Fantasy XIII-2 can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario may include characters not yet recruited by the player.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Story Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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Two Guardians:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

  • Serah: I think we've cleaned up this area. It looks like the monsters are all gone.
  • Noel: Got it. Then let's... Who's that?

(Caius is seen entering a Torsion)

  • Noel: Caius!?

(Noel runs after Caius)

  • Firion: Noel! Don't run off alone! Come on, let's go!

  • Seven: ...What an odd place. It feels...stagnant.
  • Serah: Wh-what's that!?

(An Evil Eye defeats a pair of Skeletons)

  • Quistis: The monsters are fighting each other! What in the world...
  • Caius: Here, one can efficiently absorb power. It is a space to guide a visitor into the world...
  • Caius: A distorted mechanism made to sate the desires of one from your world.
  • Firion: Our world... You mean the Emperor!?
  • Seven: ...Then why are you here? I'm sure you didn't come here just to tell us that.
  • Caius: I will take advantage of his plans...
  • Caius: And use that power for myself!

(Caius summons a Planesgorger)

  • Firion: Shinryu!? I see... The Emperor wanted to lure it in!
  • Caius: Unfortunately it is still a larva... But it can still open holes in dimensions and connect worlds.
  • Caius: Turning order into chaos...
  • Serah: Are you going to connect to Seven's world again!?
  • Quistis: Wait! We must deal with Shinryu first!
  • Quistis: I doubt we'll get any answers if we don't.

(After a battle, the Planesgorger is slain)

  • Serah: Everything seems fine for now.
  • Seven: I told you before. Even if you connect to our world, the rules won't change. Even if you forget, the past stays the same.
  • Caius: Can you prove that is not your own false assumption?
  • Seven: What...!?
  • Caius: You've experienced it before. When someone is erased from everyone's memories, they cease to exist.
  • Serah: ...You're right. When everyone forgot about Lightning except for me, she disappeared.
  • Caius: Memories and reality are closely linked. Is this not the greatest proof there is?
  • Serah: Well... Even so...!
  • Caius: Memories of sadness will be buried. People can revel in happiness and the timeline will be restored to its rightful path.
  • Firion: Do you really think that's right...!?
  • Noel: You won't find happiness there.
  • Noel: What you really want to erase is Yeul's fate of dying over and over again!
  • Noel: You're supposed to protect Yeul.
  • Caius: ...What makes you think that?
  • Noel: Because you're just like me! You're a Guardian of Yeul!
Words of Lasting Faith:

(Caius fends off Noel)

  • Caius: What's the matter? I thought you were better than this.
  • Noel: I've got my reasons!

(Noel clashes with Caius again)

  • Noel: Locke, a little help!
  • Locke: Got it!

  • Caius: Gck...!

  • Locke: We'll be taking these—your dimensional coordinates.
  • Caius: What do you intend to do with them?
  • Noel: The others told me I could see where you are with these.
  • Fran: We will know if you make any suspicious movements. So behave.
  • Caius: If you are so wary of me, why not strike me down now?
  • Caius: Wouldn't that be easier for you?
  • Warrior of Light: No. We heard that you trapped Noel.
  • Noel: I won't make the same mistake again. I'm sure you're scheming something.
  • Caius: ...You are on your guard. So there are no missing fragments in your memories, Noel.
  • Noel: ...I don't want to strike you down, Caius.
  • Noel: I wanted to be better than you and stop you...
  • Noel: Think it over. Don't get this world involved, too. I think Yeul would be...sad, if you did.
  • Caius: ...Use my coordinates as you see fit. No matter what you say, I will not change my mind.
  • Noel: Caius!
  • Caius: I stayed true to my oath for a long time. Do not underestimate the power of my will.

(Caius disappears)

  • Noel: ...It didn't work.
  • Rosa: Don't lose hope. There will be another chance, I'm sure of it.
  • Rosa: We'll call for him as many times as it takes.
  • Locke: Right. We have his coordinates, after all. So we know where he is.
  • Noel: Right... It's a lot better than chasing after him in the dark.
  • Noel: I believe...
  • Noel: "We'll meet again." Those were the last words Yeul left me.
  • Noel: The seeress said so, so there must be another way.
  • Fran: ...With such composure, the possibilities are many.
  • Warrior of Light: Caius's will is strong, but so is yours. We won't give up.
  • Noel: As I am now...I won't lose again.
Eternal Oath:
  • Ignis: ...If you don't mind, could you tell us more about Caius?
  • Serah: Of course. It's best for everyone to know what we know.
  • Lulu: Noel and Caius were Guardians of someone named Yeul, correct?
  • Serah: Right. They protected the seeress of their tribe from harm.
  • Serah: That seeress is named Yeul.
  • Vincent: So Noel, Caius, and Yeul are all from the same tribe.
  • Serah: Yes. Yeul can see the future, so she has a Guardian to stop people from using that power to change history.
  • Ignis: The power of prophecy... So they protected that power from being abused?
  • Serah: Yes. A long time ago, a prophecy started a war and an entire city fell to ruin.
  • Serah: A goddess gave Caius the power to live forever.
  • Serah: So he's been the seeress's Guardian for a long, long time.
  • Vincent: Is the seeress immortal, too?
  • Serah: ...Yeul doesn't live very long.
  • Serah: In exchange for seeing the future, her life is shortened... But she's reincarnated time and time again.
  • Vincent: So Caius saw the person he was supposed to protect die over and over again.
  • Lulu: A Guardian who lost the one who he was supposed to protect...
  • Serah: In order to stop Yeul from being reincarnated, Caius tried to kill the goddess. Then chaos started to fill the world.
  • Ignis: ...His story is sympathetic, but such an action is high-handed.
  • Vincent: If his will is that strong, he might try to do the same in this world.
  • Serah: ...We weren't able to stop him that time. But with all of us here...I think we can do it.
  • Lulu: Well, there is strength in numbers.
  • Ignis: And we are happy to be of service.
  • Serah: Thank you!

  • Garland: ...I heard an interesting tale.
  • Garland: A tale of someone caught in a cycle of death and rebirth.
  • Garland: Have you acquired the power of chaos?
  • Caius: It's not that simple.
  • Garland: Hahaha! And yet you persist.
  • Garland: There will be many more chances.
  • Garland: If you continue fighting, this world will be filled with chaos!

(Garland leaves)

  • Caius: I am well aware. I am merely exhausting all possible means.
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