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Keeper of Fear is a time-limited event where Machina from Final Fantasy Type-0 can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario may include characters not yet recruited by the player.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Story Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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Just a Glance...:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

  • ???: I was summoned...to save this world?
  • Spiritus: This is a place of respite.
  • Spiritus: The goddess Materia and I created this world to give battle-weary warriors rest.
  • Spiritus: However, all worlds connected to this one now hang in the balance...
  • Spiritus: Because of the planesgorgers.
  • ???: Is Orience connected to this world, too?
  • Spiritus: Of course. It is no exception to the danger that faces all.
  • Spiritus: Many warriors from other worlds have already been summoned here as a new battle unfolds before us.
  • Spiritus: You are free to collude with whomever you wish to accomplish your goals.
  • Spiritus: ...Even if they may be Materia's warriors.
  • ???: You don't care about anything but yourself, do you?
  • Spiritus: No.
  • ???: I guess I don't have much of a choice...
  • ???: I have a lot of things to do back home, so I'll do whatever it takes to get back.

  • ???: ...Even so, I don't know where to begin.
  • ???: Summoned by a god and not given any concrete orders...
  • Golbez: What are you doing here?

(Golbez arrives)

  • Golbez: ...My apologies. It seems I have mistaken you for someone else.
  • ???: Someone else?
  • Golbez: One of those who don a similar uniform.
  • ???: ...That can't be.
  • Golbez: They said they were from a military in a different world. There was a young boy who fought with cards named Ace...
  • Golbez: And a girl skilled with the flute, among other warriors.
  • ???: They're...alive!?
  • Golbez: So you are one of them. In that case—
  • Golbez: You seem troubled...
  • ???: ...I don't know if I could face them now, after what I've done...
  • Golbez: It sounds like a complicated situation.
  • Golbez: It is up to you whether to see them or not. I have no intention of forcing you either way.
  • ???: But if they're really alive...
  • ???: I want to see them with my own eyes, even if only for just a glance, and apologize...!

(Machina leaves)

  • Golbez: Just a glance...
  • Golbez: ...I understand the feeling well.
  • Shadow: ...Someone is following us.
  • Zell: What!? Seriously!? Where are they!?
  • Shadow: Come out. I know you're there.

(Machina arrives)

  • Ace: Machina!?
  • Machina: Ace. Deuce... Is it really you?
  • Machina: I can't...believe it...
  • Deuce: We're so glad you're here, Machina!
  • Machina: ...What?
  • Ace: We were worried about you. But you look unharmed.
  • Machina: Y-yeah. I'm fine...
  • Ace: What's the matter? Is something wrong?
  • Deuce: It's been so long since we've seen each other! The least you could do is smile!
  • Shadow: So you're a friend of Ace and the others.
  • Zell: What were you doing sneaking around like that!? There's no need to hide!
  • Ace: Let me introduce you. His name is Machina. He's another member of Class Zero.
  • Deuce: He's new to Akademeia, but a great comrade in arms!
  • Machina: (Could it be...they don't remember?)
  • Rem: Machina...?

(Rem arrives)

  • Rem: It is you, isn't it!?
  • Machina: Rem...!
  • Rem: I'm so happy to see you, Machina!
  • Machina: Me, too. Are you okay?
  • Rem: I'm fine! Hehe.
  • Ace: She sure got a completely different reaction than we did...
  • Deuce: I guess that's to be expected. Those two are special to each other, after all.

  • Machina: ...I heard all about the situation from the god.
  • Deuce: That's a relief. Now we can fight together again!
  • Ace: Come on, Machina. We'll introduce you to the others.
  • Rem: Machina...?
  • Machina: I don't...deserve to go with you.
  • Rem: What are you saying?
  • Zell: What do you mean "deserve"? You're friends, and that's all that matters!
  • Deuce: Zell's right. I don't understand why you're so hesitant...
  • Rem: Please come with us, Machina. I want you to be by my side.
  • Machina: Rem... You're right. I promised.
  • Machina: I'll go with you. I want to help.
  • Zell: Was that so hard now? Man, you're weird!
  • Shadow: Let's get moving.
  • Deuce: Yes! Let's go!
  • Rem: We can take our time catching up later, Machina.

(Everyone leaves, except Machina)

  • Machina: They're all...the same as back then...
  • Machina: I'll protect you this time. I'll atone for everything.
The Future:
  • Tidus: ...And then the crowd goes wild! It's a blast!
  • Tidus: You can't beat blitzball when it comes to fun in Spira.
  • King: A giant sphere filled with water...
  • Cinque: Wouldn't it be great if we had that in Orience, too?
  • Cater: You have something amazing in your world, too, right? An...amusement park, was it?
  • Aerith: That's right. They have all sorts of games and rides, and you can take part in a stage show there, too.
  • Aerith: You can even watch the fireworks from a gondola. It's such a beautiful sight to see.
  • Cinque: Ooh, we need an amusement park, too! I never get tired of hearing about it!
  • Cater: I'd love to hang out in all the other worlds! Once the war is over, let's go!
  • King: That's not a bad idea...
  • Cinque: I'm looking forward to it already! We've got to make tons of plans for the future!
  • Machina: The future, huh...
  • Machina: (But they don't have a... No. I can't say things like that...)
  • Cinque: Lookie, lookie, I found a Machy!

(The party goes to Machina)

  • Cater: You must've heard us just now! Is there anywhere you want to go?
  • Machina: Me?
  • Machina: Hmm... Well...
  • King: You don't need to think so hard about it.
  • Machina: Well, I... As long as I'm with you guys, anywhere's fine with me.
  • Tidus: What? Don't be so indecisive!
  • Aerith: Of course you'll all go together! But we want to know what you want to do once the fighting's over.
  • Machina: Uhh... I guess if I had to choose...
  • Machina: I'd like to go to school with Class Zero again.
  • Cater: What!? That can't possibly be your dream!
  • Cinque: You're so serious, Machy!
  • Machina: I'm not serious...
  • Machina: I'm just being honest.
  • Cinque: Are you okay, Machy?
  • Cater: A-are you crying? At a time like this!?
  • Machina: I-I'm not crying! Don't be ridiculous!
  • Machina: It started raining! I'm going to take shelter over there!

(Machina runs off)

  • Aerith: But it's not...raining...
  • King: He's a terrible liar...
  • Tidus: He's a little...strange, isn't he?
  • Cinque: He's at a sensitive age, you know! Don't be too hard on him.

  • Machina: They don't know...about Class Zero's future...
  • Machina: But in this world, I can save them...
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Musical themes[edit | edit source]

  • "Servant of the Crystal" - Taken directly from Final Fantasy Type-0. It is the theme for both regular and boss battles.
  • "Machina Kunagiri" - Machina's leitmotif from Final Fantasy Type-0. It is played during cutscenes in this event.
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