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Guide who tends the haunting flights of the tower.

The Keeper is a unique, enemy-only job in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. It is the job of Asha, the nu mou of Brightmoon Tor, and has various damaging and supporting abilities. Asha is only faced at Brightmoon Tor's third watch. The Keepers are exceptionally tough to beat for their Turning ability, and team members can be easily cornered by them inside Brightmoon Tor because the lack of space.


Move Jump Evasion Unarmed
Attack Raise
4 3 10 10 90



The KEEPER of the tower wields these powerful abilities that glean their power from the moon.

Aside from the Keeper, most of the monsters of Brightmoon Tor use Turning abilities as a secondary skillset.

Skill Effect Range MP
Gold Hourglass Attacks all foes and inflicts Slow. All foes 8
Otherworldly Wind Attacks all foes with non-elemental damage. All foes 14
Dark Elixir Takes away 95% of target's HP and MP. Halved Accuracy. 4 22
Shadowflare Deals non-elemental damage to all foes. All foes 18
Soul Spring Drain a target's HP and MP. 4 12
Light Curtain Grants Haste and Protect to all allies. All allies 8
Veil of Darkness Drains MP of all foes. Halved Accuracy. All foes 4
Flash Bomb Deals damage while ignoring opponent's R-Ability. 1 4


  • The Keeper at Brightmoon Tor uses an unique portrait. The original portrait design of this Job is used by the luck-stick seller (and retriever) and the nu mou in the Clan Mates mission. Furthermore, the Keeper sprite may be seen in an auction.
  • The sprite is reminiscent of a lost class, Transmuter, which was to combine items and use Grenades as a primary weapon. It was removed at the last moment due to how much testing time it would take to test its various abilities. At the time, it would have forced a delay on the game's release.
  • Since the Keeper (Asha) is by default level 99 and possesses superior stats, he may be reconsidered a superboss for having a high Resilience as well as stalwart and mighty abilities.
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