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Keelty is a non-playable character from original Final Fantasy XIV. She appeared during the archer questline.


Keelty was a childhood friend and partner of Siward, an archer from Gods' Quiver who renounced his life in Gridania and joined an infamous band of assassins known as the Faces of Mercy and promises that he someday will return. Since then, Keelty has struggled to preserve the forest while searching for Siward alone, hoping he will return. Eventually Keelty hears that Siward has been accused of murder in Ishgard. She seeks the help of Ser Pascaleret to find Siward before the Ishgardian authorities do.[1]

Keelty hurt by Siward.

When the adventurer joins the Archers' Guild, Keelty is chosen as his partner. Keelty leaves the adventurer handling the missions alone while using her time to search for Siward.[2] After the adventurer delivers a warrant for the capture of the Faces of Mercy to the Knights of Ishgard, Keelty ends up being hunted down in Twelveswood by her former partner. Siward wounds Keelty but is defeated by the adventurer and promises that one day he will return to finish his hunt. Keelty faints from her injuries but is treated by Sister M'koliwe who was patrolling the area. After the incident Keelty admits that Siward is no longer the man she once knew.[3]




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