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In his youth, Kazusa attended Akademeia with Kurasame and Emina. Now, all three hold different positions at the school, but although they rarely find themselves working on the same task, their friendship remains just as strong as ever. His colleagues in the Armory condemn his crackpot theories, but he is nevertheless a brilliant (albeit somewhat quirky) scientist.

Kazusa Futahito, nicknamed "Four Eyes Fruitcake" (変態メガネ, Hentai Megane?) in Japanese, is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy Type-0, who also appears in Final Fantasy Agito and as a playable character in Final Fantasy Awakening. He is a former student, once classmates with Kurasame Susaya and Emina Hanaharu. He is currently a researcher at Akademeia and is known for his unique theories and eagerness to study human subjects.



Kazusa is a 26-year-old man and is 5'11" tall. He has blue eyes and short brown hair that covers his left eye. He wears glasses and a tan dress shirt with an orange tie under a white lab coat. He has long gray pants with a black belt and black boots. Kazusa wore a white cape in the picture with Kurasame and Emina Type0-Trio, suggesting that he was a member of Class Eleventh, when he was an Akademeia student.

In his PSP-exclusive swimsuit model, he wears tight, short purple swim trunks and is barefoot Kazusa-type0-psp-model-swimsuit.


Kazusa is a more benevolent take on an archetypal mad scientist. While he can be shady, odd, and seem sinister, he shows at least something of a humane consideration of safety towards his subjects as much as his enthusiasm for his work. He seems obsessed with his admiration over the human form, no matter who the subject is, old or young, man or woman.


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Final Fantasy Agito[]

Kazusa's icon.

Kazusa can be found in his laboratory during the afternoon and evening.

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Final Fantasy Type-0[]

Kazusa spends his time developing secret projects. He frequently calls the Class Zero cadets into his laboratory, knocks them unconscious, and uses them as part of his experimentation, much to commanding officer Kurasame's irritation.

Kazusa uses his memory machine.

After the Militesi defeat in the Clash on Big Bridge and Kurasame's death, Kazusa gets a peculiar feeling of loss he cannot place. He and Emina gather in his lab and use the device he has created: an instrument that displays the memories of the dead. When the pair use it with the pair of eyeballs dominion intel had recovered from the battlefield, they see Kurasame, but neither can remember who he is as the Crystals remove all memories of the dead from the living. Emina brings Kazusa Kurasame's Knowing Tag and the two view a portrait of the three of them together, Kazusa mentioning his body remembers Kurasame even if his mind does not. Emina asks him not to drug the Agito Cadets with too strong of a dose, but Kazusa rebuffs her, saying he is giving them much less than he had given her. Kazusa begins to think that he would rather remember than forget, doubting the "grace" the Crystals supposedly grant people in amnesia of the dead as benevolent.

After Class Zero halts Tempus Finis and peace is restored to the world, Kazusa helps rebuild.

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Final Fantasy Type-0[]

After meeting Kazusa in the Armory during the second free time period in Chapter 2, he takes the character the player is currently controlling to his secret lab in the library where he knows them out with a drug, and afterward gives them an item. The player can then return there with different cadets to unlock various scenes. Kazusa is found by going to his secret lab when there are 2–6 hours of free time left. Unlocking the scenes spends free time and the player needs to visit him with specific characters.

After seeing seven different scenes, the sidequest can be advanced in Chapter 7 (including on subsequent playthroughs). After talking to Kazusa, Naghi can be found in Central Command to get an item that must be given to Kazusa in his lab. Speaking with Naghi in the Crystarium allows the player to complete his task. Afterward, the player can return to Kazusa and view new scenes (Kazusa's Mutterings 8–14), similar to the previous ones. After finishing all scenes, examining the yellow capsule in the lab finishes the sidequest.

Scene Image Character
Kazusa's Mutterings 1 FFT0 Kazusa's Mutterings 1.png Cater
Kazusa's Mutterings 2 FFT0 Kazusa's Mutterings 2.png Cinque or Sice
Kazusa's Mutterings 3 FFT0 Kazusa's Mutterings 3.png Deuce or Seven
Kazusa's Mutterings 4 FFT0 Kazusa's Mutterings 4.png Nine or Jack
Kazusa's Mutterings 5 FFT0 Kazusa's Mutterings 5.png Ace or King
Kazusa's Mutterings 6 FFT0 Kazusa pervert.png Trey or Rem
Kazusa's Mutterings 7 FFT0 Kazusa's Mutterings 7.png Eight or Machina
[note 1] Queen
Kazusa's Mutterings 8 FFT0 Kazusa's Muttering 8.png Sice
Kazusa's Mutterings 9 FFT0 Kazusa's Muttering 9.png Cinque or King
Kazusa's Mutterings 10 FFT0 Kazusa's Muttering 10.png Ace or Machina
Kazusa's Mutterings 11 FFT0 Kazusa's Muttering 11.png Nine
Kazusa's Mutterings 12 FFT0 Kazusa's Muttering 12.png Deuce or Jack
Kazusa's Mutterings 13 FFT0 Kazusa's Muttering 13.png Trey or Eight
Kazusa's Mutterings 14 FFT0 Kazusa's Muttering 14.png Cater or Queen
[note 1] Seven or Rem
  1. 1.0 1.1 Kazusa will not say anything and the scene will not be recorded in Rubicus but it needs to be done to complete Kazusa's quest line.

Final Fantasy Awakening[]

Kazusa is a playable character who uses a chemical bottle as his primary weapon, which he throws at enemies to deal damage or to inflict fear status. He is not useful against multiple opponents alone, as he has low defense that allows the other opponents to defeat him while he focuses on defeating a single opponent. He can be a useful assist to the player, however.

In later updates, Kazusa has another form named Yin, a puppeteer who takes control of his puppet sister Yan. This shows two scenes where Kazusa aids Kurasame against the Black Shadow, but fails as Kazusa is ensnared. Wanting to save Kurasame from an incoming attack, Kazusa transforms into Yin by using Yan to protect him. Kurasame is surprised by Kazusa's second form. The other scene shows Kazusa drink a red potion, turning his eyes red to transform into Yin.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Kazusa appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game as Ice-elemental Backup cards.

Triple Triad[]

294a Kazusa.png

Kazusa appears on a Triple Triad card in the version playable via Final Fantasy Portal App.

Behind the scenes[]

Kazusa Futahito was designed by Roberto Ferrari.[1]


Kazusa is voiced by Akira Ishida. He shares his Japanese voice actor with Makenshi from Final Fantasy: Unlimited, Kuja from Dissidia Final Fantasy, and Zexion/Ienzo from the Kingdom Hearts series.

In the English version, he is voiced by Joel Johnstone.


Final Fantasy Type-0
Final Fantasy Agito
Final Fantasy Type-0 Side Story: The Ice Reaper


Kazusa is a Japanese girl's given name.

Futahito derives from Japanese words: (ふた, futa?, lit. lid) and (ひと, hito?, lit. people).


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