FFXI wiki iconFFAB wiki icon In Final Fantasy XI, Kazham is a city in the southeastern continent of the world map, also referred to as the Elshimo Uplands region. This region rests on the upper eastern half of Elshimo Island. Aside from a volcanic area known as Ifrit's Cauldron to the north, the landscape is mostly blanketed with a tropical rainforest that is home to the deadly Tonberries. The mere presence of these beastmen is enough to shun away all but the bravest adventurers.

This jungle paradise city is said to have once been home to the Mithra who now thrive with the Tarutaru in Windurst. Kazham is only directly accessible by airship from Jeuno. Other methods of getting to Kazham include taking a chocobo from Yhoator Jungle after being teleported to the telepoint, or running from an outpost after an outpost warp.

In Kazham, players have access to an Auction House, a nomad moogle which provides mog house services, and a chocogal renting chocobos near the zone leading to Yuhtunga Jungle. Many other goods are also available from non-player character merchants.

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