Kaya in the Augite System.

Kaya is a character in Final Fantasy Awakening serving as Qun'mi Tru'e's second form with the use of 30 Revenge Augite shards within the Augite System.



Kaya has long, red hair with a gold tiara, fair skin and hazel eyes. She wears a black short-sleeved mini-jacket with a red collar and a small gold pauldron on the right and a large gold pauldron with a single spike on the left. A low-cut, white, long-sleeved top with a black collar with an orange gem, a brown corset with gold trim and straps connecting to tight black pants with gold lining and brown inlines on her left thigh and brown boots with gold triangle designs. She wears segmented black wristbands and gold gloves.


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Kaya's parents were killed by Milites Empire when she was a child and remembers nothing about them. To avenge their death Kaya never stopped practicing magic and was chosen by the Crystal when the last Primus l'Cie died. Upon becoming a l'Cie she remembers her parents, who were sent to a dangerous area due to the internal struggle of the Dominion of Rubrum, which was a Militesi plan that resulted in them being murdered. Kaya discovers one of the Militesi soldiers behind her parents' murder and kills him. She swears to stop this kind of inner conflict and becomes loyal to the Crystal and Rubrum.

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Kaya wields katars and can strike at opponents using them, but reduces her attack damage in seconds. Despite the reduced damage, she can disable the opponent. She can camouflage herself to attack the opponent, giving her increased defensive capabilities. Her strongest skill is to jump and slash the opponent with her katar. When the opponent is down, she can multi-slash with her katars for heavy damage.

This form requires Qun'mi in 3★ Mythic and 30 Revenge Augite Shards; the shards are obtained in the Augite Trial within the Augite System and winning at the Thrones of Paragon once randomly. This shows a scene where Gilgamesh traps Qun'mi during his pursuit. Kaya arrives to help her by breaking the rubble and transforming to quickly defeat Gilgamesh. Once she is acquired, a different scene shows Qun'mi remove her mask to reveal herself as Kaya and her outfit changes.


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