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Katon: Ichi
MP 1 Uchitake
Effect Deals very minor fire damage and lowers the enemy's resistance to water.
Duration 15 seconds
Casting Time 4 Seconds
Recast Time 30 Seconds
Magic Type Ninjutsu
Element Fire
Jobs NIN 15

Katon: Ichi is a Ninjutsu spell in Final Fantasy XI. It deals very small fire damage (usually about 15 damage) and lowers the enemy's resistance to water damage. The Katon: Ichi scroll can be bought from a Ninja guild in Norg for 1561 - 1747 gil.

It is part of the "Elemental Wheel" of Ninjutsu spells. The spells create a six-part wheel of one spell reducing the enemy's resistance to the element of the next as seen below: ElementalWheel.PNG
The set Elemental Wheel of Ninjutsu consists of the following (Note: these are in casting order, and the casting can begin at any spell in the sequence):

Ichi Wheel
Level Spell
15 Suiton: Ichi
15 Raiton: Ichi
15 Doton: Ichi
15 Huton: Ichi
15 Hyoton: Ichi
15 Katon: Ichi
Ni Wheel
Level Spell
40 Suiton: Ni
40 Raiton: Ni
40 Doton: Ni
40 Huton: Ni
40 Hyoton: Ni
40 Katon: Ni
San Wheel
Level Spell
75 Merit Suiton: San
75 Merit Raiton: San
75 Merit Doton: San
75 Merit Huton: San
75 Merit Hyoton: San
75 Merit Katon: San