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Katie is a minor character in Final Fantasy VII Remake. She is a resident of the Sector 7 slums of Midgar and a member of the neighborhood watch. She keeps tally of the monsters slain in the area and gives prizes to the best monster hunters.


In "Home Sweet Slum", Katie was outside the neighborhood watch's headquarters in the Sector 7 slums. She had been keeping track of how many monsters had been slain over the past month. As Cloud approached, she enthusiastically greeted him, asking if he was the "merc" everyone was talking about. Cloud confirmed and she explained how the tallying board worked, hoping for the town's eventual safety. Katie praised Cloud, as he was responsible for most of the kills tallied.[1]

After Cloud killed fifty monsters, Katie was impressed, surprised and relieved to see the kill count so high, commenting that the town wouldn't have to worry about monsters for some time. She thanked Cloud, happy to know the town was safer, and proud to call the Sector 7 slums home.[1]

After the Sector 7 plate collapsed in "Fight for Survival", Katie wasn't among the survivors refuging in Sector 6 during "A Broken World" and "In Search of Hope", leaving her fate unknown.



Katie is a young woman with a slender build. She has fair skin, dark brown hair kept tied up, and blue eyes. She wears a beige tank top, a dirty white jacket tied around her waist, baggy gray-green pants, and brown boots. She wears a number of gold accessories including stud earrings, a chain necklace, metal wristbands, and two rings on either hand. She wears dark eyeshadow.


Katie is an energetic and enthusiastic woman who enjoys announcing how many monsters have been slain. She was happy to meet Cloud, praising him for the amount of monsters he'd killed. She longs for the town to be safe and happy, later thanking Cloud for his efforts, and feeling proud to call the Sector 7 slums home.[1]