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Kashkabald Desert is a location on the world map of Final Fantasy VIII. It is a desert on the northeast of Centra, the area closest to the Esthar continent (and the game considers it a part of the latter), where Cactuars spawn. This makes it a good AP grinding spot to quickly master Guardian Forces' abilities. The area is blocked off by mountains, but there is a path through on foot or on chocobo, though the mobile Balamb Garden does not fit through. The player can also land the Ragnarok here once they have it. The player should try to come here during time compression to find the Ragnarok and unlock a new portal leading back to Ultimecia Castle.


UFO sighting[]

The UFO.

The UFO from the PuPu quest is sighted on the western part of the desert, carrying a pyramid. The encounter happens even if the player is equipping No Encounters from Diablos.

Ragnarok during time compression[]

Route to find Ragnarok.

During endgame, Ragnarok is found on Kashkabald Desert, but to get there the player must ride a chocobo. Using the portals outside Ultimecia Castle the player can get onto the world map and get a chocobo from the Forest of Solitude north of Centra Ruins, then run it across the continent to Kashkabald Desert. The player can also get a chocobo from the Chocobo Sanctuary in Grandidi Forest in Esthar region and ride it along the coast to Centra.

Once the player has the Ragnarok, they can find fly it across the world map to visit any place besides towns, which are blocked off, and go inside to find the Card Club if they completed this sidequest before the point of no return.