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Karnak Castle is a location in Final Fantasy V accessible on Bartz's World. It is the resting place of the Fire Crystal and connected to the Fire-Powered Ship via passageways at its bottom, which hold the Crystal-empowering device that also charges the Fire-Powered Ship.

Story Edit

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When the Karnak Meteorite falls near Tule Bartz Klauser and the other Warriors of Light reach the country via a warp device in the Walse Meteorite, that takes them directly to the Karnak Meteorite. They head to the town of Karnak where they are arrested, since a witness saw them leaving the alien rock.

In captivity, the Warriors of Light meet Cid. They show him that the Crystals gave them their blessings, which shocks the old man. The Karnak counselor hurries to Cid, telling him that the Crystal has a crack. With haste, all of them hurry to the Fire-Powered Ship.

Back from the Fire-Powered Ship and into the castle's lowest floor, the heroes find the Fire Crystal and a werewolf. Despite all their efforts the Fire Crystal is destroyed thanks to a possessed Karnak Soldier. The castle explodes, destroying the great wall that blocked access to the Library of the Ancients.

After the Fire Crystal and the werewolf are destroyed, the party is warped into the castle and has 10 minutes to escape before it is destroyed. After defeating the boss, Iron Claw, the Crystal shards descend from the sky and grant the Beastmaster, Geomancer and Ninja jobs (the remaining two, Ranger and Bard, must be found later at the Chocobo Forest).

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Items Edit

Name Location
2000 gil Prison
Elixir Prison
Shuriken B3
Ribbon B3
Esuna First Floor
Lightning Scroll First Floor
Elixir 2F, Left Path
Elixir 2F, Left Path
2000 gil 2F, Left Path
Elixir 2F, Right Path
Elixir 2F, Right Path
Elixir 2F, Right Path
2000 gil 2F, Right Path
Main Gauche Right Tower
Elven Mantle Left Tower

Enemies Edit

Musical themes Edit

"Royal Palace" from Final Fantasy V
FFV - Royal Palace

"Royal Palace" (王家の宮殿, Ōke no Kyūden?) plays during the first visit to Karnak Castle, and "Hurry! Hurry!!" (急げ!急げ!!, Isoge! Isoge!!?) plays during the escape from the burning castle.

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

FFRK Karnak Castle FFV

The party steps through a teleporter in the Walse Meteorite and finds themselves transported to Karnak. There they are mistaken for allies of the werewolf attempting to steal the Fire Crystal, and they are imprisoned in Karnak Castle.

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Trivia Edit

  • When the player only has 1 minute left when escaping the castle, the theme speeds up.