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Karlabos is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought in Cleigne on the coast of Cape Caem, in Fodina Caestino, and during the Herald from the Depths hunt.

A Lv.30 karlabos fights in Cleigne Crossroads and All-Star Monster Mayhem in Totomostro under the team name Tidal Divers.


Crustacean that has carved out its home along the coast of the Cygillan. This crab propels itself through the waves by ingesting water and releasing it in high-pressure bursts. While some karlabos are caught and traded as comestibles, others grow larger than men, turning the figurative dining tables and devouring their would-be captors.
Size: 55.21 ft. Weight: 179.70 t
More ferocious terror of the Leirity Seaside known to capsize ships and dine on their crews. Wayfarers are warned to only enter the water at their own peril and advised to report any karlabos sightings to a local hunter.
Size: 55.70 ft. Weight: 180.51 t


Herald from the DepthsOld Lestallum5
Red Hunt Icon
Karlabos x1Leirity Seaside (All Times)407,730 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★





Karlabos deals physical damage. When vulnerable, it flips onto its back and becomes temporarily helpless. It is weak to swords and polearms and ice and resists fire and light. It shoots water from its tail in a straight line and attacks those in front of it with its pincers. It can jump to quickly turn and pounces on its prey.


To exploit its weaknesses the player can use one-handed swords and polearms as Noctis and have Ignis use Enhancement to bestow Noctis's weapon with the ice element. A powerful attack can topple it over and make it vulnerable, such as Gladiolus's Techniques.



Karabos, from the ancient Greek word κάραβος, meant a type of spiny lobster or beetle.


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