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Karlabos, also known as Karl Boss, is a boss in Final Fantasy V. It pulls the party's ship into a whirlpool and attacks them while they are navigating the Torna Canal, where it had been sealed. After the battle Karlabos drags Syldra into the vortex. Without Syldra to tow along their ship, the party is set adrift.


Battle Edit

Karlabos's Tail Screw attack can reduce a character to HP Critical condition. It can also paralyze a character. It is weak to Lightning.

Strategy Edit

A Black Mage's Thunder spell should take it out quickly. Another strategy can be executed if the party has a Blue Mage on level 5 with the Goblin Punch learned; if the character is on the same level as the enemy, Goblin Punch will inflict around 240 damage, making this boss an easy kill.

Other appearancesEdit

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

PFF Karlabos
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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

FFRK Karlabos FFV

Karlabos appears as a boss in the Record of the Torna Canal.

Target Score
  • Exploit weakness to Lightning.

Karlabos will frequently use Tail Screw which reduces target's HP to critical level. As a sea creature, attacking it with lightning-elemental attacks will quickly dispatch it.

Gallery Edit

Etymology Edit

The creature's name is a mistranslation of "karabos." Karabos, from the ancient Greek word κάραβος, meant a type of spiny lobster or beetle.

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