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The Kanya is a pole in the Zodiac versions of Final Fantasy XII. It is the upgraded Whale Whisker, and the ultimate pole. Its license costs 180 LP and it can be used by the Monk.

It is made in the bazaar by selling three Mythrils and Corpse Flies and four Aquarius Gems. It costs 60,000 gil. Mythrils are obtained from Mythril Golem, Molen and the Roblon hunt. Corpse Flies are obtained from Dragon Lich and Hydro. Aquarius Gems are obtained from some of the Facer and Golem genus enemies, like Brainpan, Deidar, and Golem.


Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

The enhanced version of a strange weapon from the distant world of Ivalice that resembles a spear. In its world of origin, it seems to have been classified as a two-handed pole. Named after whales, the strongest aquatic monsters, it is known to boast impressive offensive capabilities.


Whale Whisker N is a mace obtained by enhancing the Whale Whisker (FFXII) from the Final Fantasy XII event, The Salikawood. It provides 107 ATK and 128 MAG.


Kanyā is one of the twelve months in Indian solar calendar. It corresponds to the zodiacal sign of Virgo, and overlaps with about the second half of September and about the first half of October in the Gregorian calendar.

In the Japanese version it is called Whale Whisker N, with the letters in the ends of the new upgraded versions of the original weapons spelling out "FINAL FANTASY".