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Kam'lanaut is a playable character in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT and its arcade version. He is the first villain to represent Final Fantasy XI. He is a Specialist type. Kam'lanaut is a new character who did not appear in the PlayStation Portable Dissidia Final Fantasy games.

Kam'lanaut's default player title is Nameless Sovereign. His manikin counterpart, the Archduke of Antiquity, is brown.



Kam'lanaut's default appearance, "Descendant of the Zilart", takes his appearance from his boss battle in Final Fantasy XI. The armor on his arms and legs is white with gold trim and adorned with purple-hued gems. The accessories in his hair are also white. The first alternate coloration recolors his armor dark gray with a silver trim adorned with red-hued gems, and his hair accessories are also dark gray with silver lining. The second alternate coloration recolors his armor red with black trim and adorned with yellow-hued gems, and his hair accessories are also red with black lining.

His first alternate costume, "Archduke of Jeuno", is his main appearance through the story of Final Fantasy XI. He wears a red collared cape with blue inlay and bronze hem around the shoulders, which is tied with blue rings. His torso is covered in black, blue and gray sashes, and he wears a blue skirt with gray hem over the top of black pants. His boots are dark gray with black heelcap and collar with a red vamp. His belt is silver and red, adorned with a blue gem, and he wears two bangles on his left arm, colored two different shades of red. In its first alternate coloration, his cape is white with red inlay and brown hem, tied with silver rings. His sashes are recolored brown and red, and wears black and purple bangles on his wrist. His pants are now white, beneath a beige skirt with brown hem, held in place with a brown and orange belt with an orange gem. His boots are gray with gold heelcap and collar with black vamp. The second alternate coloration of the Archduke of Jeuno costume somewhat resembles that of his brother Eald'narche. His cape is blue with yellow inlay and white hem, tied with silver rings. His sashes are varying shades of black and navy, and he wears black and gold bangles on his wrist. His skirt is navy with black hem, worn over navy pants and held with a black and gold belt adorned with an orange gem. His boots are gray with gold heelcap and collar with blue vamp.


True to his history as a Zilart prince, Kam’lanaut is greedy and lofty, straying from the conflict between Materia and Spiritus simply because he was not summoned willingly and won't be rewarded. Despite initially approaching the Onion Knight, Vaan, and Y'shtola with respect, he is quick to try and kill them to witness the "fabled purification" of Shinryu from the previous cycles. When confronted by Golbez for tampering with Spiritus's energy, Kam'lanaut treats the warlock with contempt, despite Golbez's attempts to tell him his tampering will cause the realm to collapse and his actions are not going unnoticed.


Kam'lanaut equips swords and shields.

The default weapons are Sublime Estoc, his main weapons in Final Fantasy XI. The first alternate weapons are Winged Degen, the second alternate weapons are Delkfutt Galatyn, while the third are Divine Blade.


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Kam'lanaut clashes against Vaan.

Kam'lanaut is transported to World B as one of the warriors for the new god of discord, Spiritus. New to this world, he felt like he was dragged into the conflict rather than called, and decides to stay clear and search for a way to return to his home world, not answering Spiritus's calls for his champions to meet him. He learns about Shinryu's purification process that afflicted the veteran warriors from the previous cycles.

Kam'lanaut encounters the Onion Knight, Vaan, and Y'shtola on the Floating Continent. After learning that the only way to go home is to generate energy born from battles, Kam'lanaut fights them. Planesgorgers descend upon them and seizing the moment, Kam'lanaut attempts to finish off the Onion Knight and Vaan, but is waylayed by Y'shtola. The four attempt to reach the portal before the planesgorgers, but Kam'lanaut's path is obstructed. While his fate seems ambiguous at first, it is revealed that he managed to escape.

Shortly after Shinryu's defeat, the moogles give Kam'lanaut a crystal to host his memories for Spiritus to use in the upcoming infinitely long war. With a crystal doppelgänger of himself to serve on Spiritus's behalf, Kam'lanaut returns home.

Golbez speaking to Kam'lanaut.

Kam'lanaut is caught tampering with Spiritus's energy core by Golbez. Kam'lanaut does not care about the struggle of the gods and contemplates why he isn't compensated for his efforts, prompting Golbez to suggest taking the matter up with Spiritus. It is revealed that the in-game reward system was introduced by Spiritus under Kam'lanaut's suggestion.

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Type: Assassin - Kam'lanaut wields a sword that deals six types of elemental damage and temporarily grows stronger upon a successful hit.

Kam'lanaut's six basic Bravery attacks are each themed around a specific element. When he successfully lands the final blow of one of them, he gains a temporary status buff that changes that Bravery attack to a more powerful form, which variably causes them to deal additional hits, have higher power, and/or greater range. This gives Kam'lanaut various utility attacks, but without their associated buffs to power them up, his Bravery attacks are not as effective and lack power. His buffs cannot be refreshed by using his Bravery skills again, but their duration can be lengthened by his EX skill, Esoteric Region. Esoteric Region allows Kam'lanaut zone control by threatening potent debuffs on an opponent that enters its radius, and he can also use it near a recovering opponent to debuff them immediately before they have a chance to get away.


Move Damage Input Type Power Frame Data Image
Earth Blade (Terrafication) Bravery DFF2015 II Icon.pngDFF2015 Right II.png Ground
Earth Blade: Unleash two slashes on your opponent. If both strikes land, this skill temporarily becomes Terrafication.

Terrafication: You can charge the first strike. If it hits, you will deal extra damage.

Frost Blade (Glacification) Bravery DFF2015 Up + II Icon.pngDFF2015 Right II.png Ground
Frost Blade: Thrust your sword into your enemy, then send them flying with a powerful strike. If both strikes land, this skill temporarily becomes Glacification.

Glacification: You can charge the first strike. If it hits, you will deal extra damage.

Water Blade (Liquification) Bravery DFF2015 Down + II Icon.png Ground
Water Blade: Swing your sword down and send out a blade of water. If your attack lands, this skill temporarily becomes Liquification.

Liquification: You can charge the attack to unleash an even longer water blade.

Savage Blade Bravery DFF2015 II Icon.png Ground Dash
Leap into the air and assault your foe from above.
Fire Blade (Ignition) Bravery DFF2015 II Icon.pngDFF2015 Right II.png Aerial
Fire Blade: Slash out at your opponent, then follow up with an overhead blow. If both strikes land, this skill temporarily becomes Ignition.

Ignition: You can charge the first strike. If it hits, you will deal extra damage.

Wind Blade (Vaporization) Bravery DFF2015 Up + II Icon.pngDFF2015 Right II.png Aerial
Wind Blade: Build up momentum and unleash a slash, then finish with a thrust. If your attack lands, this skill temporarily becomes Vaporization.

Vaporization: You can charge the first strike. If it hits, you will deal extra damage.

Lightning Blade(Electrification) Bravery DFF2015 Down + II Icon.png Aerial
Lightning Blade: Unleash lightning from your sword. If your attack lands, this skill temporarily becomes Electrification.

Electrification: You can charge the attack to unleash even stronger lightning.

Shield Bash Bravery DFF2015 II Icon.png Aerial Dash
Charge forward with your shield, then swing your arm out and push back your enemy.
Great Wheel HP DFF2015 IV Icon.png -
Spin while swinging a light-imbued sword, cutting through foes.
Spirits Within HP DFF2015 IV Icon.png -
Plant your sword in the ground and set off an explosion at your opponent's position. The higher your HP, the greater the range.
Light Blade HP DFF2015 IV Icon.png -
Deliver a swift slash, then assail your enemy with light from your sword. After a number of successful hits, you will attack again and the damage dealt will increase (up to 2 times).*(After being incapacitated, the enhancement for Light Blade goes down a level.)
Intervene HP DFF2015 IV Icon.png -
Hold up a shield that blocks bravery attacks, then charge forward.
Esoteric Region EX Skill DFF2015 I Icon.png -
Create a magic sphere that temporarily reduces the attack power, defense, and speed of foes and disables their use of common EX skills. The duration of all blade buffs will increase depending on the number of spheres.*(You can stock up to four uses of Esoteric Region in a single gauge.)

Behind the scenes[]

Kam'lanaut was revealed as the fourth DLC character of the Season Pass on September 11, 2018. He was released on September 19, 2018 in the arcade version. He was released on the 18th of October, 2018, to Dissidia NT.


Kam'lanaut is voiced by Satoshi Mikami in the Japanese version and Jeff Schine in the English version.[1]



  • Kam'lanaut's ability to power up his attacks with an element is a reference to the en- spells used by the red mage, which was Kam'lanaut's job class in Final Fantasy XI.
  • Kam'lanaut's powered-up Bravery attacks are based on buff abilities he used on himself during the battle against him in Final Fantasy XI.
  • The HP attacks, Great Wheel and Light Blade, were special abilities exclusive to Kam'lanaut in his home game. Savage Blade and Spirits within were weapon skills which could be used with a sword, while Shield Bash and Intervene were Job abilities for paladins.
  • The EX Skill, Esoteric Region, is based on the Esoteric Scrivening, a debuffing area that appeared whenever he changed his elemental properties in the battle against him. In the original game, the Scrivening could be damaged and, if not destroyed in time, it would transform into a copy of Kam'lanaut.
  • When Kam'lanaut suggest that Spiritus rewards his champions for their efforts, he mentions doing it himself in his homeworld: a number of missions in Rise of the Zilart were done on his orders.