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Kaklim Desert

Kaklim Desert (カクラム砂漠, Kakuramu Sabaku?) is a location in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It's located to the south of Gardenia. It has a lot of sand falls, cactus as well as bones. It's surrounded by mountains. In the middle of this area, there is an Oasis where plants can grow and merchants make trade.


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Under the guide of Graham, the Warriors of Darkness come here to search for a group called Desert Moon. The resistance hide in the shadow on dunes and fight the empire. At night, Alba complains about her skin and Glaive eating too much. Then they rest before going further to Kaklim Desert. Making their way through here, they see Gardenia on the horizon. They think somebody there may know about the Desert Moon, except for Alba, who likes to gamble more. Diana tells Alba that she's a bit too casual. After that, the group head to Gardenia.

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Item Place
Cottage Chest
Hi-Potion Chest
Wind Spear Chest
Golden Needle Chest
Poison Rod Chest
2000 Gil Chest
Rune Bangle Chest
Ether Chest
Eye Drops Chest
Moogle Coin Chest in the Campsite
North of Coliseum (Chapter 4)