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Kaiser Helm (カエサルヘルム, Kaesaru Herumu?, lit. Caesar Helm) is a recurring helmet in the series. It is often a high-ranked helmet that provides good defense as well as raises Strength.


Final Fantasy IV[]

The Caesar Helm is available in the Japanese-only mobile version. It is obtained after clearing Cecil's trial three times. It has 17 Defense, 12 Magic Defense, -10 Evasion, and 8 Magic Evasion. It grants +3 to Strength, Stamina, and Spirit. This headgear is unique to Cecil.

Final Fantasy IX[]

Helm that raises Strength and Magic.


Kaiser Helm is the third strongest helmet, providing 26 Defense, +1 Strength, +1 Magic, and teaches Eye 4 Eye. It can be purchased for 7,120 gil at Daguerreo (disc 4), and can only be equipped by Steiner and Freya.

Final Fantasy Dimensions[]

Kaiser Helm is a high-ranked helmet that provides 17 Defense, 7 Magic Defense, +2 Attack, and +2 Strength.

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Dissidia Final Fantasy[]

Kaiser Helm is a level 92 helmet that provides +233 Bravery and +1 Defense. It can be obtained from the shop by trading 15,060 gil, Winged Helm, Goddess's Magicite, and Lithe Crystal x3.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

Kaiser Helm is a level 90 helmet that provides +255 Bravery, +1 Defense, and Chase BRV Damage +7%. It can be obtained from the shop by trading 74,400 gil, Winged Helm, Brass Ingot, and Tree's Hope x5.


Kaiser is the German title meaning "Emperor", derived ultimately from the name of Julius Caesar. Many languages use a descendant of the word Caesar to mean "emperor", such as Russian царь (tsar) and Greek Καῖσαρ (Kaîsar).