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Kaiser Behemoth is an optional enemy the player can engage in Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto. Defeating it yields the achievement/trophy An Emperor Deposed and an Archive Highlight. It is a white variant of the behemoth king enemy fought in the main game. It is on Lv.99 but the rest of its stats cannot be observed.

How to findEdit

The quest for the beast is available after getting the snowmobile. The quest appears from 15:00 in the northwest part of the overworld, east to the lake. Its appearance is denoted by yellow marker; when the kaiser behemoth does not spawn, a smaller group of enemies appears instead. The player can skip time at the camp to the north until the kaiser behemoth appears.


The player controls Prompto. Aranea can assist as an undefeatable guest after the player completes "Moving Forward" and starts "Sins of Our Fathers," and thus it is recommended to wait fighting the enemy until she joins. Prompto can't level up in the episode. Near the battlefield is a shed with various weapons where the player can replenish their arsenal. There are also some healing items hidden in the nearby rocks.

Kaiser behemoth uses the same moves as the behemoth king. It can fly into the air and lunge upon the player, twirl around fast lashing with its tail to hit those around it, claw and slam with its paws those in front of it, and shoot a volley of ice. The player can target its legs and tail separately and break them to make it vulnerable and to take more damage. When vulnerable, it lies on its side and doesn't fight back for a time, leaving it open for crackshots.

Defeating the kaiser behemoth yields 10x CPU, 5x Elixir and 2x Phoenix Down.


The best damage is done with crackshots, which are available when the behemoth becomes vulnerable. Aranea's Highwind technique is a good way to put it in the vulnerable state. Breaking it with the sniper rifle also works. The player can hide out in the shed for a quick access to the weapons and to stay in cover, and if Aranea is around, she will keep the behemoth busy at a distance, allowing the player to fire at kaiser behemoth from afar. If fighting it head on, the player should dodge-roll when the behemoth leaps into the air and is about to plunge.



Kaiser behemoth is named in parallel to the behemoth king, the version of the enemy fought in the main game. Kaiser is the German title meaning "Emperor", derived ultimately from the name of Julius Caesar. Many languages use a descendant of the word Caesar to mean "emperor", such as Russian царь (tsar) and Greek Καῖσαρ (Kaîsar).

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