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Leader of three brothers targeting Cloud from a certain point in time. Wields a two-bladed sword dubbed Sōba. Coolly brutal with a juvenile intellect and mercurial emotions, he is obsessed with Jenova and has a deep connection to Sephiroth.


Kadaj is a playable character in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia who can be recruited during the Lost Chapter Mother Fixation.



Kadaj's appearance is based on his appearance in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. He wears black leather clothing with gauntlets and a black coat.

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Kadaj is impulsive, unpredictable, and often expresses strong bursts of emotion. He views himself as competing with Sephiroth for Jenova's acknowledgement, so resolves to bring Sephiroth down with the help of Cloud and his friends. He does not shy from violence, threatening to "cut [information] out of" Cloud and insisting on fighting and destroying Sephiroth. He is standoffish and becomes extremely defensive when discussing Jenova.

Despite this violent nature, Kadaj is extremely loyal to anyone he associates with family. He rescued Aerith because she reminded him of his mother, and he considers Cloud his brother.

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Lost Chapter: Mother Fixation[]

Kadaj finds himself in an unfamiliar world. He senses Sephiroth's presence, and demands Sephiroth take him to see Jenova. He has a moment of doubt that she would acknowledge him, since Sephiroth exists, which Sephiroth considers pitiful.

Cloud, Zack, and Barret happen across Kadaj and Sephiroth fighting. Kadaj spots Cloud and implores him to help him bring down Sephiroth, saying Sephiroth's existence is a sign they should fight together. Cloud declines, as he doesn't remember Kadaj and Kadaj reminds him of Sephiroth. Kadaj takes this refusal as betrayal and accuses Cloud of being in league with Sephiroth. While Kadaj and Cloud talk, Sephiroth slips away.

Zack offers to help find Kadaj's family, but before Kadaj accepts or declines the offer, Reno and Rude join the group. Kadaj and the Turks recognize each other and Kadaj asks whether President Shinra is hiding Jenova's head again. Reno and Rude explain that they have nothing to do with Jenova and that there are other issues in this world. To their surprise, Kadaj asks to join them, promising not to get in the way. He tells Cloud "Sephiroth is keeping Mother for himself. Even though I have every right to see her. His existence... denies mine. I must find him, and I must destroy him." Cloud reluctantly agrees to let Kadaj follow along.

Later, Aerith is surrounded by monsters, which are eliminated by Kadaj. Zack arrives soon after, and when Aerith tells him what happened, he thanks Kadaj, saying he knew Kadaj was a good guy. Zack notices that Kadaj has the same glowing eyes as SOLDIER, and asks if Kadaj has been feeling odd lately, "like you're... deteriorating or something." Zack tells Aerith that Sephiroth, along with everyone involved with Jenova, begins to act strange after seeing her.

Kadaj mentions that if he doesn't eliminate Sephiroth, he might "share his fate." Zack tells him SOLDIERs have to stick together, and that he wouldn't let that happen to Kadaj. Kadaj scoffs and tells Zack he has no reason to help him, as he isn't Kadaj's superior officer. Zack brightly exclaims that being Kadaj's superior officer is a good idea, and tells him if Kadaj ever needs to get something off his chest, he can rely on Zack. Kadaj refuses, but Zack is unfazed.

Alone, Kadaj ponders why he helped Aerith, remarking that something about her seemed familiar and that she reminded him of Jenova somehow.

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  • Kadaj's three original weapons make references to his character in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children . Their names were left untranslated from Japanese:
    • Nisou means "second creation", and was perhaps also named to differentiate it from Sephiroth's "Second Coming".
    • Shūu refers to a rain shower.
    • Sōkoku refers to a funeral. Coincidentally, the LD ability on this weapon is called "Burial Hour".