Just Cause is a series of adventure games developed by Avalanche Studios and published by Square Enix. Named for the 1989 United States mission that liberated Panama, the Just Cause franchise focuses on a story told from the viewpoint of secret agent Rico Rodriguez, caught between parties fighting for control of a given territory. As Rodriguez, the player is able to explore a large, open world while taking on any number of missions requested by his varied clientele. Similar in both design and execution to Grand Theft Auto, Rodriguez can employ various weapons and modes of transport to reach his objectives, often creating destruction and triggering pursuit from rivals, whom he must outwit.

In anticipation of the latest installment, Square Enix produced a collaboration connecting the franchise with Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. During The Son of Medici, players could recruit Rodriguez, Mario Frigo, Teo, and Annika Svennson as units in late Summer 2018, as they appeared in Just Cause 3. This event has not been reissued.

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