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The Junon Underwater Reactor is a location in Final Fantasy VII. It is a mako reactor built underwater off the coast of Junon and provides power for the city. It is a massive complex on the ocean floor accessible from a pathway in the center of Junon. The Underwater Reactor is also home to Shinra's submarine base.


Underwater Reactor on the World Map.

A newly stable Cloud Strife and his party storm the reactor to grab a Huge Materia before Shinra can use it. They fight their way down to the submarine dock, but the Turks store the materia onto a submarine before the party can reach it. To catch it, the party steals a submarine and chases after them. If they destroy the Shinra submarine transporting the Huge Materia, the party can pick it up on the Bottom of the Sea.



From Junon Path - Underwater Reactor Entrance.


Overlooks the submarine dock.


Has a save point.


Guarded by guards, but no random encounters.


A crane removes the Huge Materia.

Submarine Dock[]

Submarines are here, as well as the Carry Armor boss battle. The back area appears as its own screen, and some items are found here.


The location of the Huge Materia on the seafloor.

The Battle Trumpet, Scimitar, and Leviathan Scales are permanently missed if not picked up here.


Red submarine[]

A dog blocks a doorway to the red submarine's dock and will only move if the player loses the submarine minigame (their sub will sink). In this case the party can return to the Junon Underwater Reactor and find the dog has moved. The door the dog was guarding leads to another submarine dock from where the player can get a red submarine.


Junon - Outside Elevator, and 1st Corridor[]

For Outside Elevator: on Part 1, the random battles are available by pressing the alarm (after getting buggy). From Part 2 on, besides the alarm, the random battles also occur when the party getting close enough to a platoon of soldiers and they run away (after Cloud returns from Mideel).

For 1st Corridor: The random battles are available after Cloud returns from Mideel.

Junon - Elevator[]

Junon - 1st Corridor[]

Junon Path - Submarine Dock[]

Only if the player fails the mission of Underwater Huge Materia.

Junon Path - 2nd and 3rd Corridors[]

Underwater Tunnel battle background.

Underwater Tunnel (Both screens)[]

Underwater Reactor - Walkway, and Corridor (save point)[]

Underwater Reactor - Interior[]

  • Battle #1: Submarine Crew (boss) [may battle together with Battle #2 as Ambush battle]
  • Battle #2: Submarine Crew x2 (boss) [may battle together with Battle #1 as Ambush battle]
  • Battle #3: Underwater MP x2 (boss)

Reactor battle background.

Underwater Reactor - Core[]

Underwater Reactor - Submarine Dock (1st Screen)[]

Underwater Reactor - Submarine Dock (2nd Screen)[]

Underwater Reactor - Inside Submarine (Gray)[]

Underwater Reactor - Submarine Bridge (Gray)[]

Underwater Reactor - Inside Submarine (Red)[]

Only if the player fails the mission of Underwater Huge Materia.

Underwater Reactor - Submarine Bridge (Red)[]

Only if the player fails the mission of Underwater Huge Materia.

Musical themes[]

"Hurry!" (急げ!, Isoge!?) plays in the upper levels of the reactor, but after descending the elevator into the water tunnel, "In Search of the Man in Black" (黒マントの男を追え, Kuro Manto no Otoko o Oe?) plays. After taking one more elevator down and reaching the reactor proper, "mako reactor" (魔晄炉, Makō Ro?) plays. Once the Huge Materia is discovered, "Hurry!" plays once again, and continues until the party leaves the reactor.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

FFRK Underwater Reactor FFVII.png
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