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South of this town past the Mythril Mine and far to the west is a Shinra harbor called Junon. They say there's a reactor and many tall buildings there.

Kalm resident

Junon is a major city and military installation in Final Fantasy VII. Its location used to feature a peaceful fishing town before Shinra Electric Power Company built the city right beside it. The city's elevated airfield was built directly above the old town, blocking out the sun and polluting the surrounding seas. As a result, the once-thriving fishing industry has died out, but the economically deprived village soldiers on, dominated by its larger neighbor.

The new city of Junon became the secondary headquarters for the Shinra Corporation and the central office for the Vice President, Rufus Shinra. Junon is heavily defended by retractable artillery batteries and its sizable Shinra garrison, as well as being the initial home of Shinra's major defense project, the Mako Cannon, a large long-range cannon powered by Huge Materia.

As well as being Shinra's primary airbase, Junon is also a major port, having a submarine dock in the underwater Mako Reactor and being one of the ports of call for the cargo ship. There is also a B1-Alpha Helicopter that can carry the party to the different parts of the city, or even completely out of it to the world map.


Story[edit | edit source]

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Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-[edit | edit source]

Junon in Before Crisis.

Junon is the setting of Episodes 2 and 3. Veld, the leader of the Turks, orders Reno and the player Turk to Junon to protect President Shinra from the insurgents known as AVALANCHE. The enemy is lead by Fuhito, and their plan is to kill President Shinra while taking control of the Mako Cannon and use it destroy Midgar, the metropolis that is Shinra's base of operations.

The player Turk defends the president, but Fuhito breaks in far enough to shoot Shinra. Desperate for the situation to be resolved, President Shinra calls in Sephiroth, Shinra's legendary SOLDIER First class. The player Turk makes his or her way to the cannon, fighting Shinra's robots that have been programmed to target everything, because the security alert has been placed on its highest.

When the Turk reaches the cannon to stop AVALANCHE, their leader, Elfe, appears. She is incredibly strong due to a mysterious energy, and easily beats the Turk. Sephiroth arrives, and Elfe blocks his attack. Before the battle can be finished, AVALANCHE retreats.

In Episode 9, AVALANCHE launches another assault into the city, hoping to take the airfield. The Turks are sent to defend the town, but are lead by the arrogant and incompetent Heidegger, who relies on the army and is willing to destroy the city to defeat the AVALANCHE invaders. Veld retakes command, and leads the Turks to defeat AVALANCHE.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-[edit | edit source]

Junon first appears in a flashback during Zack Fair's first mission with Sephiroth. In the Training Room on the 49th Floor of the Shinra Building, Sephiroth and his friends, Angeal Hewley and Genesis Rhapsodos, sneak in and fight each other during their off time on a Virtual Reality System of the recently-completed Mako Cannon. Sephiroth and Genesis start a friendly duel, but it escalates to a deadly confrontation and the cannon is sliced to pieces during the battle. The fight is stopped by Angeal and the simulation program shuts down.

Junon as seen in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.

Later, Zack is required to go on a mission to Junon with a good number of troops, and a number of Turks lead by Tseng. Dr. Hollander is being held in a prison in the upper city of Junon for interrogation, when Genesis and the Genesis Copies invade. Zack is dispatched to retrieve Hollander and when he escapes, Zack chases after him across the city.

If Zack finds the Turk Cissnei during this time by taking a lift up from the side of a main street, Zack discovers he has a fan club. Hollander ends up escaping from the Junon airport with the help of several winged Genesis Copies. Zack meets up with Sephiroth who gives him permission to return to Midgar, despite the continued chaos, to protect Aerith Gainsborough from the mounting monster attacks in the city. After everyone leaves Genesis stands atop the Mako Cannon, quoting LOVELESS, his degradation even more severe.

Final Fantasy VII[edit | edit source]

Five years later Cloud Strife rides a dolphin up to Junon. The new President of Shinra, Rufus, uses his former headquarters, Junon, to celebrate his inauguration as the world's de facto leader. The party hides in Shinra uniforms to avoid detection, and leave on Rufus's cargo ship.

The next time Junon is visited, Sephiroth has summoned Meteor, and the Planet has called upon the Weapons to defend itself. Two members of Cloud's party, Tifa Lockhart and Barret Wallace, are imprisoned by Shinra in Junon to be executed as scapegoats for the crisis, and the Shinra executive Scarlet personally oversees its worldwide broadcast.

Tifa is sent into the gas chamber to be executed first. Cait Sith, disguised as part of the broadcast team, disrupts the execution and saves Barret, but Tifa is stuck inside the chamber. Scarlet activates the chamber even after the broadcast is stopped. The scene is interrupted by Sapphire Weapon's attack which breaches the gas chamber, saving Tifa from the fumes. She escapes onto the Mako Cannon. Scarlet reaches her, but after a brief cat fight, Tifa jumps off the cannon and into the Highwind airship piloted by her friends.

Rufus sends out troops to attack the Weapon, but to no avail. Shinra fires the Mako Cannon at point-blank range on the monster and destroys it. According to the citizens, many were killed in the Weapon attack and cannons' crossfire. The economy is destroyed as some store and bar owners tell the party, due to the lack of customers.

Cloud and his party later return to Junon to make their way to the Junon Underwater Reactor. At one point, Cloud stops, having a feeling that something's missing. It turns out that, following Shinra's failed attempt to use Huge Materia to destroy Meteor, the cannon is rendered useless due to the loss of its primary power source. Scarlet has the cannon transferred to Midgar and converts it to run on Mako energy from the Mako Reactors so it can be used against Sephiroth.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-[edit | edit source]

There had been a mass disappearance in Junon. While traveling through the Midgar Wasteland to Edge, Reeve Tuesti tells Vincent Valentine that, contrary to the public report, which states twenty to thirty people have gone missing, the truth is that a total of 1,200 people suddenly vanished without a trace. Despite the World Regenesis Organization's efforts, their search turned up nothing. This was only the beginning of what would become a series of attacks by Deepground.

Spoilers end here.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Location of Junon, indicated by crosshair.

Junon is located to the West on Gaia's Eastern continent.

Junon is divided into two halves, Lower Junon (エルジュノン, Erujunon?) and Upper Junon (アルジュノン, Arujunon?). Upper Junon has the airport, while Lower Junon has the dock. The center of Junon includes the Junon Branch, the cannon, and a path down beneath Junon to the submarine dock and the Underwater Reactor. At the foot of Junon's right side is a settlement called Under Junon.

The Japanese names are likely intended to be "L-Junon" and "R-Junon", with "L" and "R" representing "left" and "right". This refers to the sides of the city in relation to the cannon.

Junon on the World Map.

Elevator to Junon[edit | edit source]

Lower Junon[edit | edit source]

Branch Entrance[edit | edit source]

Lift[edit | edit source]

Road[edit | edit source]

Shinra Member's Bar[edit | edit source]

Junon Inn[edit | edit source]

Materia Store[edit | edit source]

Item Store[edit | edit source]

Barracks[edit | edit source]


Weapon Store[edit | edit source]

Dock[edit | edit source]

Upper Junon[edit | edit source]

Airport Path[edit | edit source]

Airport[edit | edit source]

Locker Room[edit | edit source]

Road[edit | edit source]

Materia Store[edit | edit source]

Weapon Store[edit | edit source]

Bar[edit | edit source]

Item Store[edit | edit source]

Barracks[edit | edit source]


Respectable Inn[edit | edit source]

Lift[edit | edit source]

Branch Entrance[edit | edit source]

Junon Branch[edit | edit source]

Path[edit | edit source]

Press Room[edit | edit source]

Gas Room[edit | edit source]

Staircase[edit | edit source]


Office[edit | edit source]

Doctor's Office[edit | edit source]

Junon Exterior[edit | edit source]

Branch[edit | edit source]

Cannon Base[edit | edit source]

Cannon[edit | edit source]

Junon Path[edit | edit source]

Upper Path[edit | edit source]

Elevator[edit | edit source]

Submarine Dock[edit | edit source]

Not to be confused with the underwater reactor's submarine dock.

Lower Path 1[edit | edit source]

Lower Path 2[edit | edit source]

Lower Path 3[edit | edit source]

Lower Path 4[edit | edit source]

Underground Elevator[edit | edit source]

Underground Gate[edit | edit source]

Underwater Tunnel[edit | edit source]

Underwater Reactor Entrance[edit | edit source]

Underwater Reactor[edit | edit source]

Quests[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy VII[edit | edit source]

Junon parade[edit | edit source]

The march minigame.

During the parade the player disguises as a Shinra MP and takes part in the celebrations. Depending on the player's success, they are rewarded with items.

During the marching minigame the player must march in-tune with the other soldiers and raise their weapon during live television broadcast. The viewer ratings determine the player's success. To get a high score the player must run immediately downwards, straight through the line of soldiers, and take the empty spot, rather than by following the example of the soldiers that go before Cloud. Walking to the left while staying in line and mashing the Circle on controller or [OK] button on PC makes the ratings shoot up.

0-29% = Grenade
30%-39% = Potion x6
40%-49% = Ether x6
50%+ = 5000 Gil

The controller setup must be set to "normal" to gain points in the marching game. The minigame uses field buttons, rather than a separate setup, and thus Circle or [OK] is not available to use to bob the weapon in a Config > Controller > Custom configuration.

During the posing minigame the commander gives the soldiers orders, and the player must follow by correctly pressing the buttons and staying in line with the other soldiers. The player earns 10 points for every correct move, except for turning. Cloud must face the same direction as the others in order to score points. Performing the victory pose earns 30 points.

0-50 Points = Silver Glasses
60-90 Points = HP Plus
100+ Points = Force Stealer

Many players consider the HP Plus the superior reward to a new sword for Cloud, and intentionally avoid getting the best score.

Freeing Tifa from the gas chamber[edit | edit source]

To free Tifa from the gas chamber after Shinra decides to execute her and Barret as scapegoats for the peril the Planet is in, the player must perform specific actions to retrieve the key from the floor and use it to free her from the seat she is bound in. The X or [CANCEL] button controls her legs, the Square or [SWITCH] button controls her right arm, the Circle or [OK] control her left arm while the Triangle or [MENU] control her head.

The player must first control the legs to grab the key, and then move both the head and legs for her to grab the key with her teeth. Moving the head and right arm will then allow her to unlock her right arm, then finally moving her right arm allows her to escape. The player can also unlock the left arm first if they choose.

Tifa and Scarlet slap fight[edit | edit source]

Scarlet slaps Tifa.

After escaping the gas chamber Tifa runs to the end of the Mako Cannon where Scarlet catches up with her and the two begin slapping one another. When Tifa and Scarlet exchange slaps whoever receives five slaps first loses. The player must time their slaps by using the Circle button. Normally, whether the player wins or loses, Scarlet will say "Take her away" afterwards. An error in the programming prevents the player from seeing the Tifa-win-version of Scarlet's line, as the requirement for Scarlet's unused line is that she be slapped six times and this is impossible because the minigame ends at five slaps.

If Tifa wins the fight Scarlet was meant to say "God! I can't stand it!".[1]

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-[edit | edit source]

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Items[edit | edit source]

A street in Junon.

Shops[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy VII[edit | edit source]

The shops in Junon update their merchandise after the party gets the Highwind, except for the Upper Junon Materia Store. The Materia store is coded like the other shops, but instead of calling for the second version of the shop after the plot advancement, it calls for the original one. The unused shop is unique, as it would have sold Magic Plus Materia, a Materia not sold by any accessible store in the game. It also contains Revive, MP Plus, Barrier, and Exit.

In the English localization the three stores in each half of Junon have the same name, however, it appears the original intention was to give each shop a unique name. The Item Store in Lower Junon is actually "Accessory Store" in Japanese, which is why "Accessory Shop" is the name of the menus even though during Meteorfall the shop instead sells armor and weapons. The Materia Store in Lower Junon is roughly called the "General Store" in Japanese, which is why during Meteorfall its wares change from Materia to weapons. In the Japanese version both Weapon Stores have the same name, but they are distinguished in the game files with the Upper Junon store using the initial "w" and the Lower Junon store using the initial "wa". The Lower Junon store has a sign for "Weapon" and "Accessory", so this store was likely intended to be called the "Weapon & Accessory Store", however, in the final game it sells no accessories.

During Meteorfall, the Upper Junon Item Store starts to sell weapons, however, the shop window's name is still "Item Shop". This is likely intentional as the weapons are joke equipment, most of which aren't traditionally used as weapons.

Another curiosity of the Junon shops is that most of the wares from the Upper Junon Weapon Store pre-Meteorfall are instead sold at the Lower Junon Materia Store during Meteorfall. The weapons that were not sold in the previous store are the starting weapons for the four characters obtained after the first visit to Junon.

Initial[edit | edit source]

Lower Junon Weapon Store[edit | edit source]

Before Highwind

Weapon Store
Name Cost
Mythril Saber 1,000 gil
Cannon Ball 950 gil
Mythril Claw 750 gil
Full Metal Staff 800 gil
Mythril Clip 800 gil

After Highwind.

Weapon Shop
Name Cost
Atomic Scissors 1,400 gil
Grand Glove 1,200 gil
Striking Staff 1,300 gil
Diamond Pin 1,300 gil
Boomerang 1,400 gil
Yellow M-phone 500 gil
Spear 1,200 gil
Trident 7,500 gil
Quicksilver 1,000 gil

Lower Junon Item Store[edit | edit source]

Before Highwind.

Accessory Shop
Name Cost
Silver Glasses 3,000 gil
Headband 3,000 gil

After Highwind.

Accessory Shop
Name Cost
Platinum Bangle 1,800 gil
Powersoul 4,200 gil
Enemy Launcher 3,300 gil
Magic Shuriken 6,000 gil
White M-phone 2,300 gil
Black M-phone 2,800 gil
Silver M-phone 3,300 gil
Sniper CR 3,300 gil

Lower Junon Materia Store[edit | edit source]

Before Highwind.

Materia Shop
Name Cost
Fire 600 gil
Ice 600 gil
Lightning 600 gil
Earth 1,500 gil
Poison 1,500 gil

After Highwind

Item Shop
Name Cost
Nail Bat 2,800 gil
Rocket Punch 3,200 gil
Work Glove 2,200 gil
Hairpin 6,000 gil
Superball 3,000 gil
Trumpet Shell 3,000 gil
Mop 3,200 gil
Silver Rifle 3,000 gil

Upper Junon Weapon Store[edit | edit source]

Before Highwind.

Weapon Shop
Name Cost
Hardedge 1,500 gil
Grand Glove 1,200 gil
Atomic Scissors 1,400 gil
Striking Staff 1,300 gil
Diamond Pin 1,300 gil
Boomerang 1,400 gil

After Highwind

Weapon Shop
Name Cost
Rune Blade 3,800 gil
Enhance Sword 12,000 gil
W Machine Gun 2,000 gil
Drill Arm 3,300 gil
Platinum Fist 2,700 gil
Kaiser Knuckle 15,000 gil
Fairy Tale 2,500 gil

Upper Junon Item Store[edit | edit source]

Before Highwind.

Item Shop
Name Cost
Potion 50 gil
Hi-Potion 300 gil
Phoenix Down 300 gil
Antidote 80 gil
Eye drop 50 gil
Echo Screen 100 gil
Hyper 100 gil
Tranquilizer 100 gil
Tent 500 gil

After Highwind.

Item Shop
Name Cost
Wind Slash 2,000 gil
Twin Viper 3,200 gil
Viper Halberd 7,000 gil
Dragoon Lance 6,200 gil
Peacemaker 3,500 gil
Buntline 6,800 gil
Magic Comb 2,000 gil
Plus Barrette 3,500 gil
Wizard Staff 1,800 gil
Wizer Staff 3,200 gil

Upper Junon Materia Store[edit | edit source]

Before Highwind.

Materia Shop
Name Cost
Sense 1,000 gil
Seal 3,000 gil
Restore 750 gil
Heal 1,500 gil
Revive 3,000 gil

After Highwind.

Materia Shop
Name Cost
Sense 1,000 gil
Seal 3,000 gil
Restore 750 gil
Heal 1,500 gil
Revive 3,000 gil

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-[edit | edit source]

Shops in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- can only be visited from the menu. Junon Souvenirs opens after finding the shop info from a treasure in Mission 2-4-1.

Name Cost
Chocobo Stomp 10,000 gil
1000 Needles 10,000 gil
Murderous Thrust 10,000 gil
Courage Boost! 10,000 gil
Moogle Power 10,000 gil
Item Mugger 10,000 gil

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Press Room (Disc 2 - During Escape)[edit | edit source]

Outside Press Room (Disc 2 - During Escape)[edit | edit source]

Airport battle background.

Barret's Escape on Main Concourse, and Airport (Disc 2 - During Escape)[edit | edit source]

Airport (Disc 2 - After Escape)[edit | edit source]

Outside Press Room (Disc 2 - After Escape)[edit | edit source]

Musical themes[edit | edit source]

"Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony"

During the first visit to Junon, the music that plays is "Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony" (ルーファウス歓迎式典, Rūfausu Kangei Shikiten?), a fanfare played for Rufus's inauguration. "Turks' Theme" (タークスのテーマ, Tākusu no Tēma?) plays during the return to Junon, specifically before Sapphire Weapon attacks. After the Weapon attack the music changes to "Hurry Up!" (もっと急げ!, Motto Isoge!?).

The music changes to "Attack of the Weapon" (ウェポン襲来, Wepon Shūrai?) after the first shot is fired at the Weapon. Finally, when Tifa attempts to escape the gas chamber, the music changes once more to "Who... Am I?" (俺は誰だ, Ore wa... Dare da?). Later on, after the Weapon's demise, the music changes to "Shinra's Full-Scale Assault" (神羅軍総攻撃, Shinra-gun Sōkōgeki?).

Other appearances[edit | edit source]

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call[edit | edit source]

Junon in Curtain Call.

Upper Junon appears as the background for the DLC Field Music Sequence for "Rufus's Welcoming Ceremony."

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[edit | edit source]

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Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

In Final Fantasy VII, there is a man who keeps a shop in the top floor of a building, who on a visit on the first disc mentions he used to be in SOLDIER. When visited on disc 2, he has dressed up as a black cape and mentions he suddenly got an urge to start dressing like that. This is an allusion to how the treatment the SOLDIER members receive is the same as the one of making of Sephiroth Clones. In the Final Fantasy VII endgame the player can find a lone Shinra soldier in Junon who mentions the "Great Sephiroth Plan"[2] and how everyone else has followed the order but him, because he wants to stay behind to see the world end. Earlier in the game, people in Kalm talk that Shinra is going to dispatch the entire Shinra army to the North Crater to fight Sephiroth once the barrier has been destroyed[3]. There are no Shinra troops to be found in the North Crater, however, so what became of the "Great Sephiroth Plan" is unknown.

Sign in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- with Square Enix advertising.

There is a sign found in Junon in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- that displays the Square Enix official website on the corner.

The BradyGames guide mixes up the area names and refers to Upper and Lower Junon as "Lower Junon", Junon Branch as "Upper Junnon", and Under Junon as "Junon Harbor".

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy VII
Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII
Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-
Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Junon is the French name of the ancient Roman goddess Juno.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Final Fantasy VII the Unused Text Series Part 9 at TheLifestream.net
  2. Soldier in Junon: "I finally got orders to join the Great Sephiroth Plan. I even get to go on the Gelnika, too..."
    "But, I'm just gonna ignore them. I wanna live to see the end of the world."
    "If I'm lucky... There'll be a good place for me in the New World."
  3. NPC in Kalm: "Sephiroth put up a huge barrier around the North Crater".
    "Rufus wants to use a mammoth cannon to smash the barrier."
    "He plans to have Shinra troops rush in and attack Sephiroth after the barrier falls".
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