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The junction glitch is a glitch in the original Japanese version of Final Fantasy VIII that lets the player junction the same spell to more than one stat. The bug was fixed for the western localizations.

To perform the glitch the player must swap spells around between party members to trick the computer. The player has to use three characters if one wants to junction a specific spell to multiple stats.

Example: The player wants Squall to junction Ultima to Elemental Defense, Strength, and Magic, a total of three stats.

  1. First, the player junctions Ultima to any of the stats they want to use it for, e.g. Strength.
  2. Then, the player transfers two Ultima spells to someone else. It is best if they don't have any in stock already.
  3. In this example, the second person who received two spells, must then give one to a third person, who again should have no Ultima spells in stock.
  4. The player then must swap the spell that is junctioned on Squall's Elemental Defense for the one Ultima spell the third person now has. The player can then take back the whatever spell was given to the third person. The player has now successfully junctioned Ultima to two stats.
  5. Next, Squall can swap the spell currently junctioned in his Magic stat with the one Ultima spell the second person has left, then take back the original magic. Squall should now have three stats junctioned with Ultima: Strength, Elemental Defense and Magic.

The setup is removed if the player at all touches Squall's Ultima stock, leaving Ultima junctioned to one stat only and leaving the others blank; this is the key to the glitch. It is only possible to transfer spells to Squall by the ones.

The same can be performed for all characters except two, due to the fact two empty characters are needed to swap the single spell around, and one character to hold a stock of them to hand back to the character who is getting the spell junctioned to more than one stat.