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Minigame in Alexandria.

It's gonna get faster after 20!

Skipping girl

Jump rope is a minigame in Final Fantasy IX. The player can participate as Vivi in Alexandria at the beginning of the game by approaching the girls jumping rope to the left of the ticket booth. Later, after Alexandria is attacked, the girls relocate to the bell tower. Eiko can also play at this point.


The minigame yields many rewards such as gil, rare cards, and a rare key item. The field icon above Vivi's head indicates when the player should jump. The rhythm of the game varies as the player gets a higher total. Reaching 1000 jumps to get all the rewards takes around 7 minutes of nonstop jumping (around 8 minutes 20 seconds in PAL versions). On the PC, the minigame is easy if playing on the mouse and keyboard, as one can rapid-fire-click without regard to rhythm.

In the street before the bell tower in Alexandria is a scoreboard of the first, second, and third top scores.

In the PAL version "Jump rope" is translated to "Skipping" in the leaderboard title and the key item reward for 1000 jumps.

The maximum number of jumps is 8,388,607 after which the next jump will overflow the counter to 0, and afterward the counter won't increase further. (See external links.)


Concept artwork of the jump rope from Final Fantasy IX.

Earning the Genji Card yields the Skip to My Lou achievement/trophy, and earning King of Jump Rope yields the Hail to the King achievement/trophy in the newest versions.

Behind the scenes[]

Vivi skipping in the beginning of the game.

If the player attempted the skipping minigame with Vivi at the beginning in Alexandria, and skipped at least 50 times, when the player meets the moogle Mosh (while controlling Steiner) in Alexandria Castle, he will have received the following letter from Kupo: From Kupo to Mosh, There was a kid who skipped [#]* times in a row today! It was amazing! Kupo! How did he do that? Can Mosh skip [#]* times? My best record is [#]*!

Event Designer Kazuhiko Aoki debugged the jump rope minigame, but was not very good at it. Aoki recalls that if anyone in the team was actually good at this minigame, the others jokingly told them to get to working.[1]

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