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The following article covers a subject from a previous version of Stroke of a Brush that has since been removed.

Jump Start Battle banner.

Jump Start Battles are an event type and battle mechanic in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.


Jump Start Battles, on their own, are a single round against a boss-type enemy of 220 difficulty. They cost 60 Stamina to attempt and Stamina is not deducted for retreat or Game Over. Additionally, Record Synergy stat boosts are higher.

The key mechanic of a Jump Start Battle is that the player begins the battle with the Soul Break gauge charged, but it will not charge in any way during the battle. The intent is for the player to use their limited Soul Breaks strategically.

The second series of Mote Dungeons are also Jump Start Battles, but with the tweak that the player begins with one Soul Break segment charged, not the entire gauge. All other rules apply.

Broken Soul Battles[]

A variant of the Jump Start Battle called "Broken Soul Battle" was introduced with the Test of Strength. In Broken Soul Battles, the Soul Gauge is emptied at the start of the fight and will not charge in any way. The intent with this mechanic is for players to rely on their honed abilities to fight with.