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Jump to deliver a powerful attack from above. Power is doubled when a spear is equipped.


Jump is a Dragoon command ability in Final Fantasy V. It causes the user to leap into the air off the screen, at which point they cannot be targeted by spells or attacks, until they land later and attack to deal normal, unblockable damage. The attack deals double damage with a spear or one of the other compatible weapons. Jump is the Dragoon's innate command, and can be used by other jobs after reaching job level 1.

Jump can also be used by Gilgamesh against the party.


Jump is innate to Dragoon, and will be granted to any character equipping the job. Upon reaching job level 1, for a total of 10 AP or 50 AP depending on the version, any job can equip the ability.[note 1]


When equipped with a spear, Twin Lance, Judgment Staff, Staff of Light, or Man-Eater, the character deals double damage.

Jump ignores a weapon's added ability, meaning weapons with commands, such as Thief Knife or Chicken Knife, and weapons that can cast spells, such as Wind Slash and Poison Rod, will never do so. Lilith Rod is an exception, but can still miss with its ability. Rods can still miss the target when using Jump. The enemy ability Interceptor Rocket is designed to stop Jump attacks. Jump also ignores the performer's row.


Jump in Pixel Remaster.

Jump is only turn-efficient for damage when equipped with a spear or one of the compatible weapons. When this is the case, it is an excellent ability to use, as the user will be unable to take damage until they land. This means the ability can be a very effective way to avoid powerful attacks from bosses.

Jump is less useful as a pure damage-dealing ability later on, with Rapid Fire outclassing it even with spears equipped. However, against bosses that deal powerful attacks, such as Shinryu, Jump is still the preferable choice. As a Freelancer with Jump, it can be paired with Dual-Wield to damage an enemy twice at once.

Behind the scenes[]

There is a duplicate to the Dragoon's Jump command, labeled "Hishou" (most likely 飛翔, lit. flight; flying; soaring), that is dummied out of the final product.


  1. 1.0 1.1 In the GBA and earlier versions of the game, Jump requires 50 AP to learn. In the defunct mobile and Steam versions, and the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster release, Jump requires only 10 AP.