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Jumbo Cactuar is an enemy in Final Fantasy X-2. It is one of the bosses at Bikanel during Chapter 5, along with Angra Mainyu. It is a giant Cactuar composed of many smaller ones.





If the Jumbo Cactuar is not Oversouled, the player should use the Darkness ability from the Dark Knight dressphere to wipe out the little Cactuars. The Jumbo Cactuar itself will not attack, so the party will just need to hit it until it dies.

If it does Oversoul, Shell and Reflect will help protect against magical attacks, while Mega-Potions will effectively heal the party. Again, the Dark Knight's Darkness and Black Sky abilities will make short work of the battle.

An alternative is to have Lady Luck use Flare and/or Ultima with Magic Reels. It is also recommended to have elemental-absorption abilities or accessories equipped in the case that Jumbo Cactuar does manage to hit with one of its elemental spells.

Creature Creator[]

Once the Cactuar Hollow is discovered in Chapter 5, the player can capture the Jumbo Cactuar with a trap pod L in Bikanel.

The Jumbo Cactuar has Absorb, Mighty Guard, and Ailment Def. learned by default. Over time, it can learn One MP Cost (learned by using either Magic Up or Focus), Total Limit Break, Flare, and Ultima (the latter three all learned by surviving a powerful attack in battle, such as Meteor). The Jumbo Cactuar has decent Strength and absurdly high Magic (at Level 99, it has 255 Magic, tied with the Adamantoise), as well as great Agility and decent Accuracy. Much like its enemy counterpart, its Defense is incredibly weak, and its Magic Defense and Evasion are practically nonexistent, thus requiring the use of accessories and defense-enhancing dresspheres and Garment Grids to increase its Magic Defense stat. It requires 1,250,441 EXP to reach Level 99.

Fiend Arena[]

To enter the Aeon Cup in the Fiend Arena, the player must capture and raise the story levels of eight special creatures. These creatures will immediately be available to be released upon capture, however, what the player has to do is raise their story levels by three and then release them. This will change that particular creature into an aeon. The Jumbo Cactuar is one of these eight creatures, turning into the Magus Sisters.

Jumbo Cactuar can also appear in the Cactuar Cup alongside two Cactuars. Here, Jumbo Cactuar actually attacks the party with Absorb, Meteor, and Black Sky.

Jumbo Cactuar itself cannot enter the Cactuar Cup tournament despite being classified as one of the Cactuar species.

Sphere Break[]

Jumbo Cactuar Coin
Silver Jumbo Cactuar Coin
Gold Jumbo Cactuar Coin
Coin No. 52 Coin Value 5
Trait Rare Item
Location Win from the Marrrvelous Core Sphere player in the Luca Stadium.

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