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I'm an Archades streetear, see.


July is a non-player character in Final Fantasy XII. She is a streetear from the Imperial City of Archades.

While trading knowledge along the streets, she came across the wife of an Archadian soldier. The woman is concerned about her husband, Gibbs, who refuses to reveal anything about his past, and she asked July to spy on him to find out. July travels far to the Nalbina Fortress where Gibbs is stationed alongside Deweg.

July uses a generic NPC field model for her appearance. Another character with her appearance is the bartender Melisa from the Cloudborn Tavern in Bhujerba.


"July the Streetear" sidequest is available after the player obtains the Dawn Shard until defeating Judge Bergan at Mt Bur-Omisace.

July is found crouched down spying on the two imperial soldiers blocking the path to Mosphoran Highwaste in the West Barbician of Nalbina Fortress. By speaking to July and approaching the blockade to overhear the comical exchange the bored guards engage in, one learns of Gibbs's particular disdain for chocobos in spite of coming from a family of renowned breeders. Speaking to or overhearing either is optional.

If approached while riding a chocobo from the south, Gibbs spills the personal information that July was after, and leaves his post with Deweg chasing after him. This advances the sidequest and lifts the blockade, creating a handy shortcut to Mosphoran Highwaste. If approached from the north, Gibbs doesn't seem to notice the flightless bird, being distractedly impressed by the party's toughness and the two ask if they want to pass into Nalbina one-way. The player remains mounted and can trigger the south-facing cutscene by turning right back around after agreeing to pass.

Gurdy rents chocobos across the blockade for 800 gil, and for 500 gil at Rabanastran south or west gates (east gate stable is not usable[note 1]). The player can also mount a Wayward Chocobo in Rays of Ashen Light of Mosphoran Highwaste by enticing it with Gysahl Greens and ride it a short way south to Nalbina.

July thanks the party, and invites them to Archades where she will reward them with a Salamand Halcyon at Charlotte's Magickery. However, Archades is only visited much later in the story.

After completing this sidequest, July mentions that she is "off to make some inquiries in Rabanastre", adding that an Imperial "had his coin pouch stolen by a pickpocket in the market there", likely the same Imperial whom Vaan pick-pocketed at the beginning of the game.


  1. A chocobo rented from Rabanastran East Gate costs the same as from the other stables, but gets mounted in The Stepping region of Dalmascan Estersand, which, due to being surrounded by settlements, cannot be left without dismounting, rendering it an impasse.