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Jullus pyr Norbanus is a minor character in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. An officer of the Ist Imperial Legion, he was one of the few soldiers who managed to escape the tempering of Anima following the second civil war of the Garlean Empire.


A young soldier serving under Quintus van Cinna of the Ist Legion of the Garlean Empire, Jullus was a dedicated in his desire of protecting Garlean Empire. When Anima tempered most of Garlemald, Jullus was able to escape the tempering, but his family was not so lucky. As a result, he was forced to euthanize them.

When the Great Company of Eorzea sent the Ilsabard contingent to assist remaining Garleans, Jullus, in desperation, tried to sneak into their base camp and steal supplies, but he was caught and restrained my Magnai Oronir and Cirina Mol. Lucia Junius questioned him, and he was disgusted seeing that born Garleans were consorting with Eorzeans, declaring them traitors to their homeland. Lucia didn't fall into arguments, and claimed the contingent would be willing to share their supplies with his people. Jullus refused to negotiate, but agreed to escort a delegation of three people to meet with his leader. Alphinaud and Alisaie volunteered to go with them, and the Warrior of Light joined them as escort, though Jullus considered two children and a sellsword an insult.

After ensuring they weren't followed, Jullus escorted the three to the Tertium, which now served as the base of operations to the Ist Legion, and introduced them to his legatus, Quintus. Quintus was unwilling to accept the contingents aid.




Initially, Jullus is portrayed as prideful of his garlean heritage and arrogantly condescending towards those who are not part of the Garlean Empire. Further, he is rather ignorant on the true nature of those opposed to the empire, believing them to be "savages" and the garleans who fight against the empire to be traitors. Most notably, Jullus was ignorant of the Warrior of Light's status and reputation, initially believing them to be but a sellsword.

Despite his rather haughty and prideful exterior, Jullus bears a deep sadness at the current state of his homeland and people, especially since he had to euthanize his own family after they were enthralled by Anima. For this, he is committed to protecting the people who survived the civil war, wanting that as their priority rather than seek a victory for the Ist Legion as Quintus van Cinna wished. Though he would come to reach an understanding with the Scion's Alphinaud and Alisaie, he ultimately followed the orders given to him in using them as bargaining chips to send the "invaders" out of Garlemald and reunite with the other imperial legions. Jullus would ultimately be dismayed that the other legions are not coming, have already entered talks with the Eorzean Alliance and gave the order for the Ist Legion to stand down.

Jullus would become confused by the kindness the Alliance soldiers displayed towards him and his people but it would ultimately bring him to tears that his people could be saved. Further, he would repay their kindness by aiding the refugees in Garlemald during the Final Days.

Upon learning the truth that Zenos yae Galvus brought the devastation to Garlemald, Jullus was furious and repulsed that the Garlean prince had absolutely no care or interest in his people or even their suffering. Though sorely tempted to attack the former prince, Jullus knew it would make him no better and merely called Zenos a blight upon the Garlean race.

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