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Cloud, we're all one big family here at this gym, and now you're part of it.


Jules is a minor character in Final Fantasy VII Remake. He is the head gym trainer at the Wall Market district in Sector 6, and is the younger brother of Andrea Rhodea.[1] He is the final opponent in the "Squats" and "Pull-Ups" minigames.


Jules, Jay, and Ronnie at the Wall Market gym.

In "The Town That Never Sleeps", Jules warmly welcomed Cloud Strife to the gym, introduced himself as the head trainer, and asked if Cloud wanted to have fun by challenging some of his "guys", specifically Ronnie and Jay. He silenced a taunting Ronnie and Jay, cheering on the three of them throughout their competitions. Upon Cloud beating both, Jules thanked him for teaching his "boys" a valuable lesson, insisted they're a family at the gym, told Cloud the doors are always open for him, and vowed they'd work together to maintain healthy minds and bodies. He challenged Cloud to a game of squats, praised him upon being beaten, and encouraged those at the gym to be stronger, better, and to "hit those weights".[2]

Jules rushed to the Honeybee Inn when he heard Cloud was dancing alongside Andrea. He returned to the gym and saw a dressed-up Cloud pass by, expressing amazement at his dancing, suggesting he not lift in a dress, and inviting him to come to the gym later if he wanted to "work up a sweat".[3]

After the Sector 7 plate collapsed, Cloud and the party traveled to Wall Market in search of Corneo and stopped at the gym during "In Search of Hope", asking Andrea for information. Jules watched Andrea do pull-ups for "half the day" and concernedly asked if he'd done enough. Upon seeing Tifa, Jules enthusiastically suggested she compete against Andrea in a round of pull-ups, commencing "Wavering Heart". Jules was impressed by her victory and challenged her to an intense pull-ups competition that she won. He commended her for her skill, admitted that he had a lot to learn, and couldn't have asked for a better opponent.[4]



Jules is an effeminate man with an athletic and muscular build. He has fair skin, curly black hair wrapped in black graphic headband, and brown eyes. He wears a tight gray workout shirt with black and purple patterns, black biker shorts with accents of purple and gray, gray kneepads, and tall black laced boots.


Jules is flamboyant, cheerful, and somewhat disciplined man who loves to work out. He views his fellow trainers as family and encourages them to do their best. He is confident about his exercising, but acknowledges and respects those who beat him in competition, also humbling the taunting Jay and Ronnie.[2][4] He shows concern for his brother Andrea after watching him do pull-ups for half a day.[4]


Jules is faced as the final opponent in both the "Squats" and "Pull-Ups" minigames. He is much faster than Ronnie and Jay with squats and rewards Cloud with a Champion Belt if the player wins. He is the final opponent of the "Pull-Ups" minigame and is much faster than Andrea and Jay, rewarding Tifa with a Champion Belt should she win. The minigame is harder in performance mode in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, as Jules is ever so slightly faster, managing couple more pulls than in the PlayStation 4 version, however, he is still beatable.


In Japanese, Jules is named Jinan. The word refers to the second eldest son; a pun on Jules being Andrea's younger brother.[5]