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Mayhem-making moogles in motley who juggle a variety of implements to dazzle and destroy.


Juggler is a job in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, exclusive to moogles.


Juggler could be viewed as the moogle equivalent of the Ninja, with similar stats and focus on weakening foes. They throw random things that can be either beneficial for the party or destructive for the opposing clan. Once mastered, it is often best used as a secondary A-ability set to a Moogle Knight. It also complements Hurdy's unique Bard job, as the debuffing support of a Juggler mirrors the buffing support of the Bard, for a wide range of status effects.

Smile Toss is always a positive, as it can be used to give allies free turns when necessary. Two Jugglers with Smile Toss can potentially go anywhere on the map, assuming they remain in range of each others moves and deliver a quick (and cheap) Ultima Charge since Smile Toss does not consume MP.

Scarface is a Juggler and is fond of speed battles. House Minymum is represented by a Juggler appearing in auctions time and again.



JUGGLERS attack with a rain of rings and baubles.

Skill Equipment Range AP
Weapon Toss Kris 4 100
Throw a weapon from the party's inventory at the target.
Ring Toss Cinquedea 4 450
Throw a ring around the target to STOP it from taking damage.
Molotov Cocktail Khukuri 4 250
Hurl a flaming bottle that explodes in a gout of fire. Deals fire damage and drives target into a BERSERK rage.
Ball Toss Scramasax 4 350
Bounce a ball off the target's head. Damages and CONFUSES the target.
Dagger Toss Swordbreaker 4 400
Send a razor-sharp dagger whizzing through the air. Damage and inflict DISABLES the target.
Smile Toss Orichalcum Dirk 4 450
Put a smile on the target's face. Target takes the next turn.
Gil Toss Jackknife 4 100
Pummel the target with gil. Gil used in the attack are gone forever.


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Sticky Fingers Brigandine Catch items thrown at the user and place them in the party's inventory. 250
Return Fire Power Sash Avoid bow-based enemy attacks and fire an arrow back at the attacker. 150


  • Having multiple Jugglers with the Smile ability is the most useful as their use is unlimited and has no cost. Having Jugglers with Time Magicks may also be useful since Smile combined with Haste or Hastega, as well as inflicting Slow, Stop, or using Ring Toss on the enemy, will serve them well.
  • Juggler is the only moogle job where all A-abilities are categorized as active since they grants either buffs or debuffs with similar range and MP-less usage. Although that Flintlocks buffs and debuffs abilities are MP-less, the Prime ability decategorized as par with Juggler's for Prime requires MP cost.
  • There is an error when playing the game in German, which claims the player needs 2 "Rufen" (Calling) abilities to unlock Juggler.