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The Juggernaut is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII. It is the mark of Cie'th Stone Missions 29 and 61.

Mission Edit

29 - Faltering FaithEdit

Mark: Juggernaut
Locale: Taejin's Tower - The Palisades
Class: B

The cloven spire of Taejin's Tower forms the bridge between the Archylte Steppe and the outlying lands. Yet a rampaging juggernaut now bars all passage, and I have been charged with its disposal.

Why do the fal'Cie value that place so? Why do they protect it, and yet stand idly by when our village is threatened? I sense the place must guard some secret of theirs...

61 - I, JuggernautEdit

Mark: Juggernaut
Locale: Oerba - Village Proper
Class: A

Part the veil of emotion and intellect. Discern the true nature of that to which the soul gives rise.

Entreat with the juggernaut, for whom all obstacles must part, and become one with life's circle here again.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

XIII juggernaut in eden

A Juggernaut appears in Eden.

The Juggernaut uses Fire-based attacks and uses Steam Clean to heal its status ailments.

Strategy Edit

Barfire mitigates damage from the Juggernaut's Fire-based attacks. A paradigm deck consisting of one Saboteur and two Ravagers can be used to debuff it while also increasing its chain gauge. Once staggered, the Juggernaut can be launched.

Other appearances Edit

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

PFF Juggernaut
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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

FFRK Juggernaut FFXIII
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Etymology Edit

Juggernaut is an English word that refers to "a huge, powerful, and overwhelming force or institution." It is derived from the Sanskrit word Jagannātha, which means "lord of the universe."

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