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Merciful Touch.

Judgment rules are a feature in the Dissidia series, first introduced in Dissidia Final Fantasy. They appear once the player completes all Destiny Odysseys, while in Dissidia 012 they are available from the start. They manifest as Chaos and Cosmos directly influencing the battle in various ways, with Cosmos' influence making comebacks easier while Chaos' influence makes the battle more hectic and penalizes inaction. In custom battles, players can choose to enable Chaos Judgment, Cosmos Judgment, both, neither, or a random choice.

Cosmos Judgment[]

Both Merciful Touch and Retribution's Path will only happen once to each character, but may benefit from both effects.

  • Merciful Touch - When a character enters critical health, their EX Gauge will be filled.
  • Retribution's Path - When a character gains enough Bravery to kill the opponent in one hit, the opponent's summon is restored if it has been used.
  • Divine Protection - Introduced in Dissidia 012, Cosmos will shield the player's Assist Gauge from depleting when the opponent enters EX Mode.

Chaos Judgment[]

Coward's Punishment.

  • Coward's Punishment - When a character does not attack for an extended period of time, he/she will be paralyzed for several seconds. This can occur to a character multiple times.
  • Invitation to Destruction - After the battle has lasted a period of time, this notification appears. The longer the battle continues after this appears, the greater the Bravery damage inflicted by both characters increases. The odds of critical hits occurring also increase. Eventually this caps out when all attacks are critical hits and the damage they do stops increasing.


  • Ultimecia's Time Crush and Aerith's Seal Evil are equivalent to Coward's Punishment but the latter has a shorter time to paralyze the opponent.


Judgment, in religious connotations, is used in the concept of salvation to refer to the adjudication of God in determining Heaven or Hell for each and every person.