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Head judge in Ivalice, and a strong fighter.


Judgemaster is a job in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance available to Cid Randell, the head of the Judges who oversee the law and order in Ivalice. His stat growth is identical to the Paladin job, and he can use Paladin equipment. Cid uses the action ability Advanced Law, similar to the way he does on two occasions in the story, to tilt the odds in the player team's favor.


Like Paladins, Cid has moderately high HP, Attack and Magic Power, as well as superb defense and resistance. However, his main downfall is his speed growth, which is tied with Templars, Sages and nu mou Illusionists for the slowest job.

HP MP Atk Def Mag Pwr Mag Res Spd
7.6 B+ 2.2 D 8.1 B- 9.2 A- 7.2 C- 8.8 B+ 0.8 E


Advanced Law[]

Judgemaster command. Laws reserved for Judgemaster.

Skill MP Power Range
Abate 32 Infinite
Skips judge's turn once to allow law violation.
Abate is the only ability that can be used on a Judge.
Judge Sword As Weapon As Weapon
Slash to damage and steal JP.
Bind 16 3
Immobilizes and disables target for arrest.
JP Gift 1
Give own JP to a deserving friend.
Yellow Clip 8 1
Nullifies a yellow card from record.


Cid takes charge of the battlefield with his Paladin-like stats that give him excellent survivability. He equips knightswords and heavy armor. His unique abilities break several of the game's otherwise staple rules, but like some of the other secret characters, Cid cannot change into any other class. He cannot learn any reaction, support, or combo abilities. The player must have completed all 300 missions to even get the chance to recruit Cid. There needs to be room in the player's clan for Cid to join. Aside from his abilities breaking the rules, Cid's ability set is lacking. He is very slow and cannot be hasted.

The Judgemaster can't use Yellow Cards or Red Cards in battle while the normal Judges can.