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Cid Randell, the Judgemaster from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

The Judge Magister (ジャッジマスター, Jajji Masutā?, lit. Judge Master) , also known as Judgemaster, is a recurring job in the series. It often appears as a job for characters from the Ivalice subseries; initially appearing as the job of Cid Randell from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, while later being associated with Gabranth from Final Fantasy XII.

In all appearances, Judge Magisters use swords as their primary weapon and don heavy armor.

The job serves as the influence for the Judge Magisters present in Final Fantasy XII, being the chief arbiters and enforcers of the law of the Archadian Empire.


Final Fantasy Tactics Advance[]

The Judgemaster appears in the North American and European versions, being the job class of Cid Randell when he joins the party. The job's Advanced Law command has access to special skills that allow for the manipulation of laws in battle.

The Judgemaster's stats and weaponry are similar to the game's Paladin job.

Final Fantasy Tactics S[]

The Judge Magister job from Final Fantasy Tactics S.

The Judge Magister was the job of the Judge Sedin, Hell Judge Berself, True King Ruma UR hume units. Each unit had a specific move they could use in combat - Sedin having access to Void Row, Berself using Hell's Row, and Ruma having the Brave Row ability. All units shared the same appearance and could use the unique Imperial Blade weapons.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

Gabranth in Record Keeper.

Judge Magister is the unique job of Gabranth. It is a physical defense role that primarily uses swords and axes as weapons, while utilizing heavy armor for defense. Gabranth has access to rare Combat and Darkness abilities, allowing for him to take on a potent damage dealing role in battle.

Mobius Final Fantasy[]

Wol as the Judge Magister job.

A sword upon the scales of justice."
Protector of law and order who wields dual swords to devastating effect. Choose from one of two elemental setups from the "Job" menu, and gain access to Mage abilities at higher levels.

In-game description

Judge Magister was a high leveled Ranger job for Wol that players could obtain from the game's card summon feature. When using the Judge Magister job, Wol could utilize its magic prowess to become an excellent Attacker role in battle. Its Ultimate was Guilt, a powerful area attack that dealt heavy damage to foes.

The job's unique weapon was the Chaos Blade, Gabranth's recurring weapon.

Allusions in series entries[]

Some titles have featured characters who have served as references or were inspired by the Judge Magister job.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings[]

Basch as a Judge Magister in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings.

While the game has no formal job system, Basch takes on a similar role of the Judge Magister in combat. Like the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance version of the job, Basch is similar to a Paladin in stats and weaponry, while also having several abilities to aid his comrades and deal heavy damage to foes.