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Drace is fought in the Zodiac versions of Final Fantasy XII in Trial Mode at Stage 100, alongside the other four Judge Magisters: Gabranth, Zargabaath, Bergan and Ghis. A Megalixir can be stolen from her.


Battle Edit

Drace casts Shellga, Protectga and Hastega if any of her allies are not in Shell/Protect/Haste statuses. If they are, she will attack with Shock, which deals heavy magical damage to a single party member. If any party members are in Reverse, Drace will use Hi-Potions on them if they're at low HP, dealing 625 damage.

Strategy Edit


Drace uses Protectga.

Drace should be the second Judge to be killed after Ghis, as she will constantly buff the group and heal them with Elixirs. A party member can be dedicated to casting Dispelga and Sleepga on the group to remove their buffs and keep Bergan and Zargabaath afflicted with Sleep. The player can use the Nihopalaoa+Remedy combo to inflict Drace with Disease, preventing her from being healed. With two of her allies incapacitated Drace can quickly be taken out with normal attacks. The player can summon Zodiark and use Final Eclipse at the start of the battle if they are getting overwhelmed. A low-health and Bubbled Zeromus's Big Bang does even more damage than Final Eclipse, and is thus also a good summon option.

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