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Seeing you out there, bagging all those marks, well it inspired me! (snort) You're my new hero! Bu hweeeeee!

Jovy to Vaan

Jovy is a minor character in Final Fantasy XII. He is a seeq living in Nalbina who knew Vaan's elder brother Reks.

Two years before the conflict at Nalbina, Jovy was framed for stealing in Rabanastre, and Reks helped prove his innocence. After Reks' death, Jovy moved to Nalbina, but was mistaken for a stonemason and put to work. Although bullied for being a new labor recruit, he would soon befriend several of Nalbina's citizens.

No More Heroes?[]

The player can find Jovy stumbling through Nalbina's West Ward and collapsing to the ground, lamenting the death of his "hero". After completing one of the hunts in Nalbina, a short cutscene will play where the petitioner informs Jovy of the player's efforts.

17. Trouble in the Hills: Atomos
18. Adding Insult to Injury: Roblon
24. The Creature Collector: Goliath
25. Dead City Watch: Deathscythe
39. Carrot Stalk: Carrot

As more hunts are completed, Jovy's spirits will be lifted, and he will run through the West Ward with more enthusiasm. When all of the hunts are completed, speaking to him will initiate a cutscene where he decides Vaan is his new hero, and he will hand over an Elixir and a Knot of Rust.