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Ivalice is for the humes. The Wood alone is for us.


Jote is a non-player character in Final Fantasy XII. She is a viera, Fran and Mjrn's eldest sister, and a prominent figure in Eruyt Village. Jote is the viera Elder.



Like all viera in Eruyt Village Jote has dark skin and white hair and fur on her long ears. Unlike her sister Fran, Jote does not have dark spots on her ears, hers being pure white. She has brown eyes. Jote wears a black choker, and a pink garment that resembles lingerie that also acts as suspenders for her thigh-high stockings. She wears knee-high leg bracers and stilettos that expose her clawed toes.


Jote places the needs of the viera and the village before her own, and carries on the duties of the village Elder. She is calm and collected, and can appear distant and cold. Under her exterior she cares for her family, and is saddened when her sisters wish to abandon the viera way of life. Jote accepts the viera's lot in life and considers them unable to leave the Wood. As Elder she needs to uphold viera tradition and shun those who turn their back on the Wood, even if doing this to her own sisters pains her.


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Fran returns to Eruyt and meets Jote.

When her sister Fran showed interest in leaving the Wood, Jote, along with the other elders of the Wood, tried to convince her otherwise. Fran followed her heart, left the village, and abandoned her sisters. Jote, having to respect the Law of the Wood, forbid Fran entry through the Wood; she and the others consider Fran viera no longer.

Fifty years later, her other sister, Mjrn, left the village as well. Jote had to take a stoic approach and disregard her last sister. When Fran returns to the village, Jote tells her where Mjrn went, deriding Fran for being unable to communicate with the Wood after her long absence. Fran returns with Mjrn, who had been held captive in the Henne Mines by Archadian scientists. Fran warns Mjrn against leaving the Wood, and Jote shows her gratitude by giving Fran Lente's Tear, a charm that allows passage through the barriers of the Golmore Jungle.

Fran asks Jote if the Wood now hates her. After listening to the Green Word, Jote says the Wood wants her child back. Fran smiles, believing her sister does not speak the truth, and leaves, content that Jote still cares about her.

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