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Serum to break even the deepest sleep.


Jolt Tonic (めざめのくすり / 目覚めの薬, Mezame no Kusuri?, lit. Awakening Medicine), also known as Herb, is a key item in Final Fantasy. needed in order to awaken the prince of Elfheim. It is received after giving the Crystal Eye back to Matoya, requiring the player to have defeated Astos first. After awaking the prince, the player will receive the Mystic Key.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Captain N: The Game Master[]

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The Jolt Tonic was called HERB in the North American version of Final Fantasy, and as such the episode depicts the cure to the Prince's sleep curse as an herb. It is brewed by the Witch and the Prince is made to drink the potion which wakes him up from his deep sleep.