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Join the Grandshelt Knights! is an exchange event in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, which commemorates the game's second anniversary. Held by King Mog, players are encouraged to obtain training bokkens and exchange them at the king's shop. It has a companion exploration event, Latius Woods - Past.

Story-wise, the event is a vision of the past, taking place in Royal Capital Grandshelt's Colosseum, when Raegen underwent the test to join the Grandshelt Royal Guard, also simply known as the "Knights of Grandshelt".


The vivid and rich scenery of Grandshelt has projected itself on the Farplane. However, it shows time of old when the capital sought the implementation of entrance examinations to select the newest generation of knights. Amidst all this, Lasswell manages to spot someone he recognizes...



The player must enter the event's dungeon and defeat enemies in order to earn special event currency, the Training Bokken FFBE Training Bokken, which can be exchanged to King Mog for unique rewards. If the player uses specific units, they are awarded an additional bonus on the base currency obtained. The bonus is cumulative so the more units that are brought together, the better. There are also special monsters which drop a large amount of currency but they appear randomly: the Golden Bomb, which drops 500 FFBE Training Bokken, and the Lucky Rabbit, which drops 1000 FFBE Training Bokken.

Featured unitsEdit

Unlike most events of this kind, the event's bonus units are all previously released units, among them the often called 'CG units' due to their Limit Bursts being short FMV sequences, and their pull rate was boosted during the event's duration. The bonus units are the following:

Additionally, two promotions were held for the event. The first one including three separate banners with two of the featured 5★ base rarity units each along their respective 3★ and 4★ units, making it much easier to acquire a particular unit from the event's pool. This lasted for the first week of the event as the second week features all the aforementioned units in a single banner.

The other promotion is Coin Summon. For any 10+1 summon performed on the above banners, the player was awarded a FFBE Heroes Coin FFBE Heroes Coin. By using 5 of such coins, they could be used to perform a Coin Summon on a separate banner. Coin Summon guarantees one of the "CG units", although it is chosen at random (each having a 16.6% chance of being summoned). As of the second week of the event, no more coins could be acquired, although the Coin Summon banner remained active in case the player has coins to invest.


Item Limit Cost
Cure Robe 1 15,000 FFBE Training Bokken
Gaia Ocarina 1 6,000 FFBE Training Bokken
Knight's Hope 8 1,200 FFBE Training Bokken
Mage's Hope 8 1,200 FFBE Training Bokken
Dual Wield 1 12,000 FFBE Training Bokken
3★ Trust Moogle (5%) 2 (Pyro Glacial Lasswell) 80,000 FFBE Training Bokken
2 (Blossom Sage Sakura) 80,000 FFBE Training Bokken
2 (Lotus Mage Fina) 80,000 FFBE Training Bokken
2 (Chizuru) 8,000 FFBE Training Bokken
2 (Vanille) 8,000 FFBE Training Bokken
2 (Rikku) 8,000 FFBE Training Bokken
2 (Erwin) 500 FFBE Training Bokken
2 (Timothy) 500 FFBE Training Bokken
2 (Jack) 500 FFBE Training Bokken
Item Limit Cost
4★+ Guaranteed Ticket 1 2,000 FFBE Training Bokken
1 6,000 FFBE Training Bokken
1 12,000 FFBE Training Bokken
Rare Summon Ticket 2 500 FFBE Training Bokken
3 1,000 FFBE Training Bokken
2 3,000 FFBE Training Bokken
3 6,000 FFBE Training Bokken
5★ Trust Moogle (10% ALL) 1 30,000 FFBE Training Bokken
1★ Trust Moogle (1% ALL) 5 10,000 FFBE Training Bokken
Mini Burst Pot 30 1500 FFBE Training Bokken
Metal Gigantuar 100 100 FFBE Training Bokken
Remedy 10 30 FFBE Training Bokken
Y-Potion 10 100 FFBE Training Bokken
Mega Ether 5 200 FFBE Training Bokken
Phoenix Down 10 200 FFBE Training Bokken
Elixir 10 100 FFBE Training Bokken
Screamroot 10 150 FFBE Training Bokken
Fine Alcryst 10 150 FFBE Training Bokken
Star Quartz 4 300 FFBE Training Bokken
3 600 FFBE Training Bokken
3 900 FFBE Training Bokken
4-5★ awakening materials
FFBE Bizarre BoxFFBE Lucky SeedlingFFBE Brilliant RayFFBE Wicked DropFFBE Fury SeedFFBE Hard Rock
300 (each type) 100 FFBE Training Bokken
Sacred Crystal 20 150 FFBE Training Bokken
6★ awakening materials
FFBE Divine CrystalFFBE Calamity WritFFBE Prismatic HornFFBE Calamity GemFFBE Rainbow BloomFFBE Fairies' Writ
30 (each type) 160 FFBE Training Bokken
100 (each type) 540 FFBE Training Bokken
FFBE White Giancryst FFBE Black Giancryst FFBE Green Giancryst FFBE Power Giancryst FFBE Guard Giancryst
FFBE Healing Giancryst FFBE Support Giancryst FFBE Tech Giancryst
3 (each type) 30,000 FFBE Training Bokken
FFBE White Purecryst FFBE Black Purecryst FFBE Green Purecryst FFBE Power Purecryst FFBE Guard Purecryst
FFBE Healing Purecryst FFBE Support Purecryst FFBE Tech Purecryst
1 (each type) 80,000 FFBE Training Bokken

Stages Edit

Musical themes Edit

The battle theme is the usual "DUEL!!" and the boss theme is "Onslaught".

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