Johnny is a supporting character in the Final Fantasy VII series, with a minor supporting role in Final Fantasy VII and an expanded supporting role in Final Fantasy VII Remake. He is a purehearted troublemaker who lives in the Sector 7 slums with his parents and has a crush on Tifa. He gets into various trouble trying to help and impress both Cloud and Tifa, and serves as a recurring comic relief character.

Interactions with him can be largely ignored in the original Final Fantasy VII, but in Remake he partakes in various side quests. Though jealous and resentful of Cloud in the original, especially due to Cloud's close connection to Tifa, Johnny admires him in Remake and strives to befriend him, calling him "bro" much to Cloud's annoyance.

History[edit | edit source]

Original continuity[edit | edit source]


During "At the Hideout in the Slums", a drunken Johnny could be found in the Sector 7 slums. He told Cloud he loved homemade cocktails, presumably from Seventh Heaven, but that he drank too many. He could later be found knocking on someone's door, and upon not receiving an answer, called out for his mother.[1] The next day, during "To the No. 5 Reactor", Johnny planned to leave Midgar, awaiting the train, and sobbingly saying goodbye to the city. Aboard the train, Johnny told Cloud that he was leaving to go far away, vowed to eventually return to Midgar a better man, mockingly called him Tifa's "childhood friend", and told him to take good care of her.[2]

Johnny visited Wall Market before leaving Midgar and met Cloud during "To Corneo Hall" outside of the Honey Bee Inn, unsure if he should enter. He criticized Cloud for wanting to bring "a new girlfriend" to such a place. Johnny wanted his last memories of Midgar to be made in Wall Market and relinquished his Member's Card to Cloud, granting access to the Honey Bee Inn.[3] Shortly afterward, Aerith gave him a flower and a gil, and he expressed his thanks. Later, when Cloud dressed up as a woman for Don Corneo's audition, Johnny attempted to flirt with him.

Johnny left Midgar and moved to Costa del Sol as seen in "Dangerous Voyage". He started a "new life", moved into a house, and met a girl who became his girlfriend. When Cloud's party visited the town, Tifa caught up and reminisced about old times with him.[4] When Tifa led the party in search of a missing Cloud during "A Shocking Reunion", they returned to Costa del Sol where Johnny revealed that he had proposed to his girlfriend.[5]

Johnny in his bar, "Johnny's Heaven".

During On the Way to a Smile -Episode: Denzel- Final Fantasy VII, following Meteorfall, Johnny moved to the newly-built city of Edge near the remains of Midgar. He opened an outdoor bar named "Johnny's Heaven", inspired by Seventh Heaven and his admiration for Tifa's tenacity, and all she had gone through. When he told his patrons that Tifa was his inspiration, he started losing customers, though he remained unaware of it. Johnny later objected Denzel's attempt to enlist in the World Regenesis Organization in his bar, fearing it would tarnish his image. He listened in on parts of Denzel's meeting with Reeve Tuesti, and spoke to Denzel about what he heard once Reeve left.

Remake continuity[edit | edit source]

During "Home Sweet Slum", Johnny waited for the train's arrival at the Sector 7 Undercity Station and greeted a disembarking friend. He was relieved to see that she was unharmed and that the explosion of Mako Reactor 1 wasn't "that bad".[6]

Johnny is arrested by Shinra.

The next day, Johnny got flustered when questioned and was arrested by Shinra Public Security. He was handcuffed, blindfolded, and forcefully escorted to an abandoned lot. He called himself a "model citizen" of Midgar, expressed that he was being treated cruelly and unfairly, and declared his innocence. Tifa, who insisted on saving him, and a reluctant Cloud, followed behind as Public Security accused Johnny of stealing blasting agent from a Shinra warehouse as his ID had popped on the warehouse logs. He believed Jessie jacked his ID, but was told his ID was never logged. Before being further questioned, Cloud and Tifa knocked out the Shinra soldiers. Cloud was ready to execute Johnny for being a "talker", but Tifa objected. Johnny agreed to exile himself from the Sector 7 slums, running away while still blindfolded and swearing to Cloud that he'd never see his face again.[7]

Johnny ended up in Wall Market. During "The Town That Never Sleeps", he visited the Honeybee Inn, but felt conflicted about entering, questioning aloud why he was being tormented by "philosophical quandary", and asking a recently-arrived Cloud what he thought. He assessed Cloud (unaware that it had been Cloud he had threatened to execute him earlier) before being asked if he had seen Tifa. Upon the mention of her name, Johnny showed great and obsessive concern for her, believed she was in danger, and set off to find her.[8] He later encountered Cloud and Aerith outside of Corneo's mansion, telling them that he needed to gain the approval of a member in the Trio, determined to save Tifa. Johnny spoke with Chocobo Sam and agreed to a coin toss, but lost. He returned to the Honeybee Inn to speak with Andrea Rhodea, but was denied, and sat outside in defeat. Lastly, he sought out Madam M, but was sent running out of her parlor in fear for refusing pay her desired price for a massage. Unsuccessful at all his attempts of gaining the Trio's approval, he entered the Corneo Cup preliminaries, but was beaten. Cloud and Aerith found a bandaged, bruised, and scared Johnny in a locker room, who told them he wanted a "little scratch" and tried to talk them out of participating. He seems to have spectated the tournament.[9]

Later in the night, Johnny stopped Cloud outside the clothing store and told him that Sam caught him up on everything, including his plan to rescue Tifa. He offered to show Cloud around and help him learn more about Wall Market. They headed for Drunkards' to speak with the clothing store owner as per his son's request. The old man asked them to retrieve his "precious inspiration" sending Cloud and Johnny on numerous delivery jobs. Johnny helped to get "the sauce" requested by the materia vendor, contracted food poisoning when aiding the restaurant owner, and was cured by the pharmacist after Cloud helped him. The old man's "precious inspiration" was a Honeybee Inn VIP card, which they finally returned to its owner. Back at the clothing store, the old man's son thanked the two of them. Johnny asked if Cloud planned to join them at the Honeybee Inn, but he declined. He vowed to become a "Wall Market connoisseur" and named Cloud his inspiration. Johnny bonded with the clothing store owner, committed to becoming the old man's "loyal pupil", and helped him pick out a dress to gift to one of the honeygirls.[9]

Johnny escorts a dressed up Aerith to Corneo's mansion.

Johnny caught up with Cloud outside the massage parlor and showed concern for Tifa's safety. He asked if he could call him "bro", which annoyed Cloud, and was relieved to know he was looking out for Tifa. On the way to Corneo's mansion, he asked how Cloud became strong, praised his fighting style, and asked for advice, who responded with a "no". Upon reaching the mansion, Johnny believed he'd only be getting in the way and let Cloud go forth. Cloud ordered him to go find Aerith at Madam M's parlor and tell her to wait there. Shortly afterward, Johnny escorted a dressed up Aerith to the mansion, yelling at the adoring crowd to stop gawking and stay out of the way before respectfully rolling out the red carpet for her.[10]

It is unknown if Johnny ever met up with his father who had gone to Wall Market to deliver Johnny's "lucky pillow" which he hadn't taken in his haste to leave town.

During "In Search of Hope", Johnny planned to leave Midgar for "reasons", but Kyrie stole his wallet. A sulking Johnny happily greeted Cloud and Tifa, and begged for their help with retrieving his wallet. He tried to chase her down, but she was too fast, lamenting that it could be the end for him. Cloud asked for the thief's description, and agreed to help Johnny. After Cloud, Tifa, and Barret confronted Kyrie and fought in a Corneo Colosseum match in her stead, they were given the wallet. They returned to Johnny, who expressed immense gratitude, and much to his annoyance, called Cloud "bro". He thanked them again and said he was leaving town. He dramatically told Tifa not to stop him, as he was a "wanted man" in the slums and a danger to her, but if she begged him to stay he would reconsider. Tifa wished him good luck, and gave him uplifting words. Though initially disappointed, Johnny exclaimed that nothing was going to bring him down. Johnny told Cloud and Tifa to "keep on shining" and sprinted off.[11]

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

A close-up of Johnny.

Johnny is a young man with a lean build. He has tan skin, tall cropped red hair, a stylized goatee, and brown eyes. He wears an unfastened blue leather jacket with the sleeves rolled up, no shirt, a brown leather belt, denim trousers with an additional teal and denim layer, and red canvas shoes. He wears three bangles on his right wrist, each a different color—brown, black, and red—a gray-blue leather cuff on his left wrist, and two silver earrings.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Johnny is loud, passionate, careless, friendly, insecure, cowardly, somewhat cocky, and temperamental. He gets carried away easily and is outspoken, which usually gets him in trouble. He doesn't hesitate to take action and rushes into things, disregarding others' words. The people of the slums know him as a troublemaker, but he has a good heart.[12] As noted by Cloud and Aerith, Johhny isn't the most intelligent, yet he believes that he overthinks and overanalyzes everything.[8] He does seem to have his suspicions about Avalanche despite not knowing what they do, which worries Tifa.[7] Johnny's overall personality depicts him in a comical light.

Johnny crushes on Tifa. In Wall Market, Cloud asks if he's seen her to which Johnny responds with concern, determined to find her.[8] He goes to great lengths to rescue her, seeking the Trio's approval[13] and entering the Corneo Cup preliminaries.[14] Sometime after the Corneo Cup, Johnny speaks with Chocobo Sam who informs him of Cloud's plan to rescue Tifa, which prompts him to catch up with Cloud; he offers to help him learn more about Wall Market. When visiting the local inn on a delivery job, he tells Cloud that he'd rather be there with Tifa.[9] The day after the Sector 7 plate collapse, Johnny informs Tifa that he's leaving town, but will reconsider if she stops him. She declines, which disappoints him. She wishes him good luck and encourages him, and he tells her to "keep on shining".[11]

Johnny admires Cloud, looking up to him as a role model and wanting to be his friend. Despite Cloud being ready and willing to execute him,[7] Johnny seems oblivious of his involvement and happily offers to help him rescue Tifa and educate him about Wall Market, who reluctantly agrees.[9] He later asks Cloud to join him and the elderly clothing store owner at the Honeybee Inn, but he declines. Johnny aspires to become a "Wall Market connoisseur" and names Cloud as his inspiration, for he is his "one true bro". Johnny is relieved Cloud looks out for Tifa, compliments his fighting style, and asks for advice on how to be "just like him".[10] After Cloud returns his stolen wallet, Johnny is grateful, calling Cloud "bro", and telling him to "keep on shining".[11]

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy VII[edit | edit source]

Johnny can be interacted with in a few instances throughout the game, but does not have any gameplay significance.

Final Fantasy VII Remake[edit | edit source]

Trophy: The Johnny Experience
Witness all Johnny-related incidents. Bronze

Johnny appears throughout several quests, including Main Scenario, Odd Jobs, and discovery quests.

Johnny first appears in the mandatory quest "Shinra Reacts" in Chapter 3, "Home Sweet Slum", in which Cloud and Tifa chase after to rescue him to stop him talking. Later, Johnny appears in the following quests:

Completing all of these unlocks the trophy The Johnny Experience.

Musical themes[edit | edit source]

Johnny has no musical themes in the original Final Fantasy VII, but in Final Fantasy VII Remake, his theme is called "Johnny's Theme", composed by Yoshinori Nakamura. It plays during Johnny's arrest scene during the quest "Shinra Reacts" in the "Home Sweet Slum" chapter.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Johnny's origins[edit | edit source]

Because of poor English translation, Johnny's origins appear conflicting in the original Final Fantasy VII. In the English version he seems to claim to be a childhood friend of Tifa and Cloud from Nibelheim (even though his family has never heard of the place), and also claims to have been in SOLDIER with Cloud. In actuality Johnny calls Cloud "childhood friend" not because they were childhood friends, but because Cloud was Tifa's childhood friend. Johnny's lines in Costa del Sol, "Hey, is it really you? We were in SOLDIER, and childhood friends before that. You were such a playboy. And a $#&^ murderer!!" should, in fact, translate to "Oh, and you are...? It can't be! You're that ex-SOLDIER, childhood friend, and sexy playboy! A, and... a murderer!"[15] It can be inferred that Johnny was never in SOLDIER.

Removed scenes[edit | edit source]

According to the Final Fantasy VII Ultimania Omega and removed scenes from the game, Johnny was to first appear in Seventh Heaven. He gives a choice response to Cloud about Tifa asking what his relationship to her is. The choices are either "We're just childhood friends" or "That's really none of your business, is it?". Depending upon the choice, Johnny will bemoan not having a promise of his own with Tifa and demand Cloud treat her right, or leave wishing to become a "proper man".


Sector 7 Events 1-2 - FFVII Unlocked

Removed scenes from the game: parts concerning Johnny shown from 4:30.

In a removed scene, Johnny knows about the childhood promise Cloud made to Tifa, and holds him on to it. Afterward, Johnny and his friends hang out at his parents' house where they watch the news on the reactor bombing.

Unused text unearthed from the game's original Japanese version reveals that Johnny, when met outside the Honey Bee Inn in Wall Market, would have been aware of Cloud spending the previous night at Aerith's place, and that they spent time on the playground.[16] Johnny appears jealous over these events, but in the final game where these lines do not occur, and it is never implied Johnny would even know Aerith.

In Final Fantasy VII Remake, Johnny is more of a comic relief character and is not resentful of Cloud, admiring him as something of a role model, and wanting to befriend him, much to Cloud's annoyance.

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Etymology[edit | edit source]

Johnny is a given name in the English language. It is sometimes a pet form of the masculine John, and since the 16th century it has also been a standalone masculine given name. In some cases Johnny is also a feminine given name. John is derived from the Latin Ioannes and Iohannes, which are forms of the Greek Iōannēs (Ἰωάννης), originally borne by Hellenized Jews transliterating the Hebrew name Yohanan (יוֹחָנָן), "Graced by God", or Yehohanan (יְהוֹחָנָן), "God is Gracious".

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