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Johnny is a minor character from Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII Remake. He lives in the Sector 7 slums with his family and secretly has a crush on Tifa Lockhart. In the Remake, Johnny's role is significantly expanded and viewing all events involving Johnny earns the trophy "The Johnny Experience".



Johnny has bright red hair cropped shorter at the sides of his head, and a stylized goatee. He wears an unfastened jacket with the sleeves rolled up with nothing underneath. In the original game, his jacket is blue, and in Final Fantasy VII Remake it appears to be black leather. He wears trousers with a leather belt with a large buckle. In the Remake he has a leather cuff on his left wrist and stacked bangles on his right wrist.


Johnny feels insecure on his role in the world, having grown up in the Midgar Slums and not having experienced much else. He thus has plans to travel. He harbors a crush on the owner of the local bar, Tifa Lockhart, but doesn't seem to have the confidence to approach her. Johnny gets jealous when Tifa's childhood friend from her home town of Nibelheim arrives to the slums, Cloud Strife. Johnny ultimately decides to start a new life for himself.

In Final Fantasy VII Remake, Johnny is noted by Tifa and others to be a "talker", as in he never seems to know when he has spoken too much which gets his hand forced by Cloud to leave Midgar to avoid him spilling his suspicions about Avalanche. He now has a loud personality and is passionate about his crush on Tifa. He admires Cloud for his strength, and often calls him "bro", much to his disdain.


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Original continuityEdit

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Johnny is a resident of the Sector 7 slums where he lives with his parents. The day after Mako Reactor 1's destruction, Johnny leaves the Sector 7 slums, with the residents gathering to see him off. He is on the train with Avalanche soon after. His first destination is Wall Market, where Cloud and Aerith encounter him in front of the Honey Bee Inn. Shortly after the Sector 7 plate falls on the slums, and it is unknown if Johnny's parents made it out.

Cloud encounters Johnny in Costa del Sol where he has found himself a girlfriend. Tifa visits him and the two talk of old times. When Tifa later leads the party in search for the missing Cloud, Johnny tells her he has proposed to his girlfriend.

On the Way to a SmileEdit


Johnny in On the Way to a Smile -Episode: Denzel- Final Fantasy VII.

In "Episode: Denzel", Johnny is running an outdoor bar in Edge modeled after Tifa's Seventh Heaven named "Johnny's Heaven". A few years after Meteorfall, Johnny's infatuation with Tifa has transformed into an open admiration of her tenacity to start a new life after all she has gone through.

Although he does not realize it, Johnny loses customers to Tifa due to telling his patrons how much she inspired him. He objects to Denzel attempting to enlist in the World Regenesis Organization in his cafe, fearing it would damage his image. He listens in on parts of Denzel's meeting with Reeve Tuesti, and speaks to Denzel about what he heard once Reeve leaves.

Remake continuityEdit

Johnny is arrested in the Sector 7 slums by Shinra's public security when his ID shows up in a log for a warehouse where a blasting agent was recently stolen, which is implied to have been done by Jessie Rasberry to make the bomb for the assault on Mako Reactor 1. Johnny declares his innocence, but is dragged away blindfolded to an abandoned lot where Tifa and Cloud rescue him.

Tifa wants to help him, but Cloud is more concerned about Johnny spilling info about Avalanche operations to Shinra after Tifa mentions that Johnny is a "talker." Tifa and Cloud knock the Shinra soldiers out, but she stops Cloud from killing Johnny, who wants to make sure he won't jeopardize Avalanche. Tifa is upset at Cloud's callousness and Cloud tells the still blindfolded Johnny to get out of Sector 7. He complies and flees immediately, surprising everyone, especially his parents, though his father thinks Johnny will return after having had his share of adventures.

Johnny is later found at Wall Market, running towards the Honeybee Inn. He discovers that Tifa was taken to Don Corneo's mansion and tries to rescue her before Cloud and Aerith can, oblivious that it was Cloud who had told him to flee the slums earlier. If Cloud takes quests from Chocobo Sam while Aerith is away getting a makeover, Johnny will tag along to help Cloud complete them. Johnny's reaction to the audition-ready Aerith depends on her dress. If she wears the best dress, he will clear a path for her, fending off an adoring crowd, and even roll out a red carpet. If she wears the worst dress, he will tell her that's she "up," reluctantly prodding her to go to Cloud and not very confidently assuring her that she looks "fine." If she wears the mid-tier dress, he will do his best to shoo away a group of adolescents who are fawning over Aerith.

After the Sector 7 plate collapses, Johnny is found in the Sector 5 Undercity Station, sulking after getting his wallet—containing all his savings to leave Midgar—mugged by Kyrie Canaan. After Cloud, Tifa and Barret help Kyrie in her predicament, she returns the wallet. Cloud brings the wallet back to an overjoyed Johnny, who runs off.

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Final Fantasy VIIEdit


Johnny's field model in Final Fantasy VII.

Johnny can be interacted with in a few instances throughout the game, but does not have much gameplay significance.

Final Fantasy VII RemakeEdit

Trophy: The Johnny Experience
Witness all Johnny-related incidents. Bronze

Johnny appears throughout several quests, including Main Scenario, Odd Jobs, and discovery quests.

Johnny first appears in the mandatory quest "Shinra Reacts" in Chapter 3, "Home Sweet Slum", in which Cloud and Tifa chase after to rescue him to stop him talking. Later, Johnny eapprs in the following quests:

Completing all of these unlocks the trophy The Johnny Experience.

Behind the scenesEdit

Because of poor English translation, Johnny's origins appear conflicting in the original Final Fantasy VII. In the English version he seems to claim to be a childhood friend of Tifa and Cloud from Nibelheim (even though his family has never heard of the place), and also claims to have been in SOLDIER with Cloud. In actuality Johnny calls Cloud "childhood friend" not because they were childhood friends, but because Cloud was Tifa's childhood friend. Johnny's lines in Costa del Sol, "Hey, is it really you? We were in SOLDIER, and childhood friends before that. You were such a playboy. And a $#&^ murderer!!" should, in fact, translate to "Oh, and you are...? It can't be! You're that ex-SOLDIER, childhood friend, and sexy playboy! A, and... a murderer!"[1] It can be inferred that Johnny was never in SOLDIER.

According to the Final Fantasy VII Ultimania Omega and removed scenes from the game, Johnny was to first appear in Seventh Heaven. He gives a choice response to Cloud about Tifa asking what his relationship to her is. The choices are either "We're just childhood friends" or "That's really none of your business, is it?". Depending upon the choice, Johnny will bemoan not having a promise of his own with Tifa and demand Cloud treat her right, or leave wishing to become a "proper man." Either way, it is implied he leaves the slums out of heartbreak.[citation needed]

Unused text unearthed from the game's original Japanese version reveals that Johnny, when met outside the Honey Bee Inn in Wall Market, would have been aware of Cloud spending the previous night at Aerith's place, and that they spent time on the playground.[2] Johnny appears jealous over these events, but in the final game where these lines do not occur, it is never implied Johnny would even know Aerith.

In Final Fantasy VII Remake, Johnny is more of a comic relief character and is not resentful of Cloud, admiring him as something of a role model, and wanting to befriend him, much to Cloud's annoyance.



Johnny is a given name in the English language. It is sometimes a pet form of the masculine John, and since the 16th century it has also been a standalone masculine given name. In some cases Johnny is also a feminine given name. John is derived from the Latin Ioannes and Iohannes, which are forms of the Greek Iōannēs (Ἰωάννης), originally borne by Hellenized Jews transliterating the Hebrew name Yohanan (יוֹחָנָן), "Graced by God", or Yehohanan (יְהוֹחָנָן), "God is Gracious".


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