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Johnny's father is a minor character in Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII Remake. He is a middle-aged man who lives in the Sector 7 slums of Midgar with his wife and son, Johnny. He follows his son's antics with amusement in contrast to his perpetually worrying wife.


Before Final Fantasy VII[]

Johnny's father worked with a lot of businesses in the past, including Seventh Heaven. He once thought about starting an attraction for "adrenaline junkies" to jump off the Shinra Building using grappling guns, but the Shinra Electric Power Company was not interested.[1]

Original continuity[]

Johnny's father.

In "At the Hideout in the Slums", Johnny's father could be found in his home with his wife, reminiscing about their son. He wondered if Johnny had already left Midgar and then lamented that they'd miss him. He reflected on parenthood, spoke of his son's happiness in his youth, parents' worries, and questioned if he was ready to be a father.[2]

When Cloud spoke to him again, Johnny's father asked about his hometown. Cloud answered that he was from Nibelheim, and Johnny's father recalled hearing about an unforgettable reactor accident on the news. He encouraged and comforted an uncaring Cloud, suggesting he write his family if he had one, and not to turn his back on his hometown as it'll always be there for him.[2]

Remake continuity[]

Johnny's father introduces himself to Cloud.

In "Home Sweet Slum", Johnny's father greeted Cloud in the morning, recognizing him as the mercenary Tifa mentioned. He spoke of the many businesses he's worked for, said him and Cloud weren't so different and thus weren't complete strangers. He encouraged Cloud to consider him family, like an uncle or distant relative. He then asked if he was interested in grappling guns, as he had many to spare after accidentally buying too many for a client. He questioned Cloud's glum expression and suggested he meet Johnny, who could turn his frown upside down and was also good with people.[1]

After Johnny's arrest and exile, Johnny's father told Cloud and Tifa that his son declared he was leaving town to go on a journey. He said people only live once and that because of Johnny's youth he should follow his heart, even if it means "defying the Man", believing that playing by the rules can only get people so far. Johnny's father formally introduced himself to Cloud and asked if Tifa was worried about Johnny. She didn't answer, but he said he'd tell his son when he returned home.[1]

Johnny's father at the train station.

The morning Whispers attacked the Sector 7 slums in "Mad Dash", Cloud and Tifa encountered Johnny's father at the train station. He told Cloud that it was "fancy meeting" him there, asked if Cloud was leaving town, convinced he was by the youthful "fire in his heart" and "brightly burning" look in his eyes. He said that it was his job as a father to see Johnny off, but felt sad. Due to his sadness, he added that him and his wife were planning a "little trip" themselves to make sure Johnny was doing all right "out there".[1]

In "The Town That Never Sleeps", Johnny's father traveled to Wall Market in search of his son, having heard Johnny was roaming around there, wanting to give him his lucky pillow before he left town. He expressed faith in his boy, but believe he needed to be well-rested, adding that sleep keeps the mind and body healthy and active, and that the pillow was crucial to his son's health. He mentioned that his wife was back in the Sector 7 slums because Wall Market's establishments are "provocative", lying that he never visited any of the town's establishments and was clueless to what goes on.[3]

Johnny's father was later found outside the gym, telling Cloud he believed Johnny learned many life lessons in Wall Market and looked forward to the man that he'd become. He mentioned that the colosseum was crowded for the Corneo Cup, causing him to almost miss getting a ticket to his favorite place, which he refused to divulge. He congratulated Cloud for winning the tournament afterward, believing he'd be a great influence on Johnny, encouraging the two to "spur each other" to "greater heights" and become "best friends". Johnny's father then said he was exhausted from the tournament's excitement, needed to rest, and was fortunately in the "right place" to relax his mind, body, and soul.[4]

Later that night, Johnny's father went to the Honeybee Inn. Cloud found him drunkenly infatuated by a Honeygirl and playing a guessing-game involving the girl drawing shapes in the air with her stinger. He asked Cloud for the right answer, and proudly praised him if he was correct. If Cloud decided to play again, Johnny's father asked why he was still there.[5]

After the Sector 7 plate collapsed in "Fight for Survival", the fate of Johnny's parents is unknown.



Model in Final Fantasy VII.

Johnny's father is a middle-aged man with a heavyset build, tan skin, slicked back black hair (in Remake) or gray (in the original), a thin mustache, and brown eyes. He wears a burgundy vest over a white shirt with stripes on the sleeves, a burgundy bow tie, a black leather belt, black slacks, and brown dress shoes. He wears a gold watch on a brown leather band.


Johnny's father shows concern for his son's health and safety, and wishes him the best in life. He wants Cloud to view him as family. Despite his seemingly fatherly nature, he isn't the most intelligent or considerate. He gets along with his wife, as shown when they reminisce about their son after Johnny leaves the Sector 7 slums,[2] but implicationally frequents Wall Market at night, deeming it too "provocative" for her. He seems to be a mostly unsuccessful businessman, having worked many jobs in the past.[1][3][4][5]