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A jobless state which allows you to equip all types of weapons and armor.


Jobless (すっぴん, Suppin?, lit. Face with no Make-Up) is the placeholder "job" in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It has four open slots (instead of the usual two) for the player to fill with learned abilities and skills from the other available jobs (mastering all other jobs adds two additional slots, raising the total to six). Their selection of equipment encompasses all or nearly all available weapons and armor.


All warriors gain their overworld appearance.


  • Job Command: None
  • Innate Abilities: None (begins with 4 extra slots instead of 2)
  • Equipment: All

Joblesss start with four ability slots. The Jobless doesn't have job levels (and, thus, don't get the 1% per job level stat boost). Jobless is mastered by mastering every other job, which causes it to gain two extra ability slots, for a total of six (two more than any other mastered job). Jobless characters do not inherit any stats or passive abilities from mastered jobs.



In the real world, a jobless is a person who cannot maintain or hold a job. One who is out of work and/or doesn't want to work. Usually is a negative term.

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