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Joann dreamt of becoming on of the military's top brass. When she told her friends about her dream to one day outrank Director Heidegger, they laughed. It was a joke, sure, but there was some truth to the words, too.

Picturing the Past Narrator

Joann Liu is a member of the Shinra military and bodyguard of Lilisa Meg. She is introduced in Final Fantasy VII Remake: Picturing the Past.


Joann was raised in the Midgar Slums. She enlisted in the Shinra military on the same day as Lilisa Meg and Glen Reiner. The three became friends after Joann and Glen defended Lilisa against an instructor who insulted her upbringing. Joining their circle was Geddie Bach, a clerical worker for Shinra's science department. Joann and Glen were both ambitious and yearned to move up the ranks. They signed up for the Special Survey Unit, a classified project tasked with finding mako reserves from drawings created by Aerith Gainsborough. Lilisa threw a party for the two before their departure. While Joann stepped away, Lilisa, Glen, and Geddie consumed food drugged with mako, inducing mako poisoning. Geddie blamed the drugging on Lilisa, who had not wanted Glen to leave.

Geddie stole Glen's identification and took over his SSU assignment, ostensibly to achieve Glen's dream in his place. Joann instructed Geddie on how to perform a parachute drop before embarking. She did not see Geddie again. Meanwhile, Lilisa did not mentally recover from her poisoning, and Glen died. Joann would eventually be assigned as Lilisa's bodyguard.

Years later, Joann was contacted by Aerith's childhood playmate. Joann explained that Lilisa and others, all wearing black robes and tattooed with a number, gather in the slums. Joann believed that these people, which included Geddie and Glen, were experimented on by Shinra's science department and then released. Finally, from the former playmate's information, Joann pieced together that Geddie was responsible for poisoning their friends so that he could take over Glen's position.