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Born in the fallen Northern Territories, Jill was taken from her homeland at a tender age to become a ward of Rosaria. The Archduke insisted that she be raised alongside his sons, and she became as much a part of the Rosfield household as Clive and Joshua. Alas, fate was not finished with her yet—it saw the three torn apart, and the bone-chilling power of the Eikon Shiva awaken within her.

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Jill Warrick is a main character from Final Fantasy XVI.

Ever since being taken from her homeland as a political hostage at a young age, the Archduke of Rosaria raised Jill like a sister to Clive and Joshua, and eventually, Jill became the Rosfield brothers' trusted confidant. At the beginning of the story, Jill is 12 years old.[1] She is the Dominant of Shiva.


FF16 Young Clive & Jill

Not much is known about Jill's early years, but what is known is that she was born in the Northern Territories. When the Mothercrystal of the Northern Territories fell, and Blight took over, the armies of the Territories began to bear down on neighboring Rosaria. However, under the command of Archduke Elwin Rosfield, Rosaria was able to fend off the invasion. As part of the peace agreement, young Jill was to be given to Elwin as a ward.

Despite being a ward for Rosaria, Jill was treated with kindness by Elwin and Rosarian people, and she grew up with Elwin's two sons, Clive and Joshua. The three became close, with Jill viewing the two boys like her brothers. The three of them also had a wolf pup named Torgal, whom Elwin had found alone in the northern territories. Jill grew up to love Rosaria as her home, even though Elwin's wife, duchess Anabella, saw Jill a little more than a savage. To that end, Jill held a degree of fear towards the duchess.

When the Iron Kingdom began to move against Rosaria, Elwin took Clive and Joshua to the castle of Phoenix Gate to prepare for what was to come. Little did Jill know that this event would lead her to be separated from Clive and Joshua for many years. A disaster struck at the castle, leaving Elwin dead, Clive to be enslaved by the Holy Empire of Sanbreque and Joshua believed dead. Shortly after this, Rosaria was invaded by the Iron Kingdom, and they took Jill. Jill's powers as the Dominant of Shiva emerged and she was turned into abominable weapon for the Iron Kingdom. Forced into to doing their bidding with a threat of killing other people the Ironblood had enslaved, Jill had little choice. While the Iron Kingdom viewed Dominants as abominations, they nevertheless did not hesitate in turning Jill into a weapon. Her Dominant status was also the only reason why Imreann did not use her as a concubine upon capture.

Thirteen years after the fall of Rosaria into the Empire, the Iron Kingdom engaged the Dhalmekian Republic, where Jill fought against Hugo Kupka, the Dominant of Titan. The battle turned against the Iron Kingdom, and Jill was withdrawn from the battlefield. Meanwhile, Clive, along with a group of Branded soldiers from the Empire, were given a mission to eliminate the Dominant of Shiva. They eventually found Jill, and attacked her. Jill was forced into fighting against Clive. It was only after when Clive defeated her, when he saw he had been fighting his long lost childhood friend. Clive refused to deliver the killing blow and turned against his comrades and the Empire. Clive defeated his former comrades, but was soon ambushed by the Ironblood. He would've been overwhelmed without the timely arrival of Cidolfus "Cid" Telamon. He offered to take Clive and Jill to safety, where Jill can be nursed back to health.

The healer of Cid's hideaway, Tarja, nursed Jill back to health. When Tarja told her that it was Clive who saved her, she wanted to see him. Seeing Clive again brought Jill a new sense of hope, as her dear childhood friend she thought had died, was alive. The two told what happened to them after the disaster at Phoenix Gate. They decided to return to Rosaria and find out what really took place at the castle.

Cid directed Clive and Jill to Martha's Rest, a village which served as a haven for Bearers. It was run by Martha, Cid's ally. Martha agreed to help them, if they help her, and she also wanted to make Clive and Jill to see, what happens to Bearers, when they overuse their powers. In a nearby abbey, they witnessed a number of Bearers at their last legs, becoming petrified due to having overused aether, and eventually crumbling into dust. This opened Jill's eyes to do whatever she can to give Bearers a chance at better life and live free, not as slaves.

At the village of Eastpool, Clive and Jill met with the wife of the former Lord Commander of Rosaria's Shields. She recognized Clive and Jill and offered them a place to stay. During the night Clive and Jill began to bond even strongly than ever before.

The next morning, Clive and Jill proceeded to the Phoenix Gate. What they discovered there were Fallen ruins even Clive was unaware of. Inside the ruins, Clive became face to face with his fears, and accepted that he is the Dominant of Ifrit. They witnessed a mural depicting of what seemed to be a god-like figure, but couldn't understand what it meant.

Returning to Eastpool, Clive and Jill witnessed, how the entire village was slaughtered by Imperial soldiers, under the orders of Clive's mother Anabella. Together, Clive and Jill killed the attackers for this atrocity. This also caused Jill's former fear Anabella to turn into immense hatred towards her.

Clive and Jill decided to support Cid's cause and returned to his hideaway. There, Cid told them he figured out the source of all the misery in Valisthea: the Mothercrystals. For centuries people had been relying on them to get everything they needed, but Cid claimed the Mothercrystals draw on aether from the surrounding lands, hinting they are at fault for the Blight. To that end, Cid intended on destroying them starting with the one in Sanbreque capital, Oriflamme. Jill and Clive were not so sure about this, but since they didn't know anything better, they agreed to help him.

Traveling to Oriflamme, and hiding in a brothel, the three Dominants infiltrated the Mothercrystal during the night, and encountered Akashic, humans and creatures infected by aetherflood, becoming mindless monsters. They fought their way to the mothercrystal, dispatching an Akashic Dragon. Cid eventually destroyed the heart of the Mothercrystal, but when he did that, a gateway opened and a abominable creature emerged from it. The creature mortally wounded Cid, and Clive was forced to fight the creature in different realm. When Clive retuned, dying Cid appointed Clive as his successor, as Ultima appeared. Cid recognized him, and struck at him, but he died shortly after. Ultima knocked Jill and Clive down and intended on taking Clive, but from out of nowhere, still alive Joshua appeared and kept Ultima at bay. Jill and Clive were able to see him and confirm he was alive, but they were unable to interact with him. Only a single Phoenix feather was left behind.

Five years later, Clive had become the new Cid the Outlaw, with Jill acting as his second in command. She and Clive went to Dhalmekia to liberate Bearers. Although they succeeded in freeing them, they were ungrateful, blaming Clive for making their lives more difficult by trying to "free" them. These Bearers having lived as abused slaves all their lives, they didn't know anything else nor did they know how to adapt. Jill found it unbelieveable, that these Bearers would not take the opportunity to lead their own lives without fear of persecution. Clive dropped the matter and he and Jill retreated to their new hideaway, after the previous was destroyed by Titan five years earlier.

Although they attempted to help out Bearers wherever they could, the main task was still to take out the Mothercrystals. When Clive decided to destroy the Mothercrystal of Drake's Breath, Jill immediately agreed to join him. The crystal used to be controlled by Rosaria, but after the fall of the duchy, it was now being controlled by the Iron Kingdom, Jill's past captors. The Ironblood worshipped the crystal as a deity, with Jill's primary tormentor, priest Imreann, at its head. She needed a closure for her pain and also liberate the Bearers the Iron Kingdom abused at the site.

At the crystal, Jill and Clive fought their way to its heart, where Imreann welcomed Jill back home, but Jill swore to kill him. Jill primed into Shiva to hold off the Ironblood to allow Clive to destroy the heart. When Clive succeeded, Imreann was devastated and intended to kill all of the Bearers, but Jill personally skewered him, getting her revenge and closure.

Jill later traveled over to the Holy Empire of Sanbreque, and engaged in a tearful reunion with Joshua shortly after stopping Bahamut. She later accompanied Clive, Gav, Joshua, and Dion (Bahamut's Dominant) to Waloed to shatter its Mothercrystal at Drake's Spine. Just as they entered the gate, the god Ultima ambushed Clive and Joshua and warped them to the Interdimensional Rift, leaving her despairing. She, Gav, and Dion fended off several Akashic that Ultima presumably dispatched before the aforementioned ambush. They witnessed the newly summoned Mothercrystal Origin in the vicinity, Jill noting with confusion it was emitting aether. Clive and Joshua were warped back to their location, much to her relief. She asked Clive what was going on, but he told her there was too much to explain, before calling for a retreat to the Enterprise.

Jill provided Clive spiritual support during the final battle against the god Ultimalius, where she declared "Together" as Clive overpowered Ultimalius's use of Shiva's Eikonic abilities.



Jill is a woman of average build with gray hair and eyes. When she was younger, she had shoulder-length hair. As an adult, she has her hair tied with a ribbon along with a single braid.


Jill is a calm, solemn, and tranquil. She possesses a quiet strength and unwavering loyalty. She carries herself with grace and seriousness, demonstrating a serene demeanor and a kind nature.

As a child and ward of the Rosfield family, Jill got along with Clive and Joshua, who treated her as a sister. She had a close bond with the wolf pup Torgal, Clive later stating they were practically inseparable.

Jill looked up to Elwin Rosfield for taking her in and treating her kindly. Anabella Rosfield, however, was less generous on how she viewed Jill, barely acknowledging her existence to deeming her a "savage", leading Jill to avoid her. Following the incident at Phoenix Gate and the duchy being raided by the Ironblood, Jill's kidnapping and eventual awakening as a Dominant forced her to live a hard life as the kingdom's weapon under the threat of murder of her fellow captives. To cope with the atrocities she was made to commit, she grew distant and cold, viewing her actions as the fault of her captors and reminding herself that by fighting her fellow prisoners would be kept alive. Her guilt over her actions left her wanting for someone to kill her in battle. She later grew to hate Anabella after learning of her role in the "purge" of a Bearer village in Rosaria, though she did nevertheless express some pity after witnessing Anabella commit suicide in a fit of madness.

FF16 Clive & Jill Hug

Clive and Jill embracing each other.

After being saved and reunited with Clive, a measure of her happiness returned, glad that her childhood friend survived despite the actions of the empire and Anabella. After joining Clive in his adventures with Cid, Jill became his most steadfast ally, providing not only support in battle but offering words of comfort in Clive's moments of doubt and sadness. Following the loss of Cid and Clive taking up the mantle of his Bearer-liberation movement, Jill became his second in command and his primary confidant. Many of their allies sensed that Jill's relationship with Clive ran deeper than friendship but both displayed awkwardness towards the topic of romance and were slow to approach it, instead remaining focused on the task at hand. However, Jill showed distaste should another woman show interest in Clive, such as the courtesans of the Veil in Sanbreque. After Clive's second clash with Barnabas, they were left stranded on the shores of Ash the two realized their affections for each other.

Much like Clive, Jill bore empathy and compassion for the oppressed and persecuted. She was disgusted at how the nations of the world treat the Bearers as tools to use until they are broken and as disposable property to abuse. Jill believed in Cid's ideal of a world where Bearers can live on their own terms as equals. She was frustrated at how some Bearers did nothing to change their lot in life or even expressed ingratitude for their efforts to emancipate them. Nonetheless, Jill soldiered on with Clive, fighting for a better world. Jill held dear the women whom the Ironblood kidnapped alongside her, as she became the kingdom's weapon to keep them alive; after returning to the Iron Kingdom, she encouraged them to free themselves and live.

Due to being a prisoner and later a weapon of the Iron Kingdom, Jill hated the Ironblood, especially their Patriarch, Imreann, who held those she befriended hostage unless she did his bidding, only to kill and do worse to them anyway. The atrocities she witnessed him conduct, such as subjecting Bearers to daily ritualistic sacrifices and forcing herself to harden her heart to survive, only solidified her venomous hatred of him. Jill wanted to return to the Iron Kingdom to face her demons and "right her wrongs", which could be interpreted as avenging herself for all the acts the Ironblood forced her to commit and ensure that another did not experience what she went through. Jill gleefully skewered Imreann on her rapier after she and Clive destroyed Drake's Breath, granting herself a measure of peace of mind.

Jill was more aloof when it came to displaying vulnerability. She avoided crying in public and would find some place to be alone before breaking down in tears.


As the Warden of Ice, Jill can use ice magicks and prime to become the Eikon Shiva. She is also an adept swordsman.


While Shiva is never fought as a boss, Jill is fought in the mission "A Chance Encounter", known only as "Shiva's Dominant". Jill is afterwards an uncontrollable guest character for the rest of the game. She uses ice powers and her sword in battle, and can heal Clive.

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Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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Behind the scenes[]

Jill is the third consecutive instance of Shiva having an alternate humanoid form, following Ysayle Dangoulain and Ryne Waters in Final Fantasy XIV and Gentiana in Final Fantasy XV.

In the English localization of the scene before the boss fight against Imreann when ranting about all the suffering she endured under him, Jill simply mentions that Imreann killed his victims. In the Japanese version, she specifies that the children he put in chains were female, and that he had violated them before murdering them.


In the English version, Susannah Fielding voiced Jill's young adult appearances, while her child appearance by Charlotte McBurney.

Jill's young adult and child appearance in the Japanese version is voiced by Megumi Han. She is known as the Japanese voice-over actress of Iris Amicitia from Final Fantasy XV and Rayches from War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.



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