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Marche and Montblanc engaging Clan Clatz.

Hot sands blow in this largest desert in Ivalice.


Jeraw Sands (ジェラワット砂漠, Jerawatto sabaku?) is a desert location in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. It can be placed after "Mission #013: Wanted!" and is the site of "Mission #014: Golden Clock". Marche goes to Jeraw Sands to arrest a group of criminals that are making copies of a popular timepiece. When he arrives, he finds Ritz and Shara are already there, with the same purpose in mind.

After the counterfeiters are defeated, Marche once again asks Ritz why she will not help him return home. She again tells Marche that he has everything he could possibly want in Ivalice, and will not assist him. After a disappointed Marche leaves, Ritz reveals the main reason she wants to remain in Ivalice to Shara: her once white hair no longer needs to be dyed and is permanently red. Jeraw Sands is also the site of "Mission #026: Wanted!". It can be freed in "Mission #251: Jeraw Sands" after "Mission #015: Scouring Time" is completed.


Clan Clatz[]

Tricks opponents into defeating themselves. Avoid this clan's base at all costs!



Turf Defense[]

Help Jeraw![]

  • Gadgeteer
  • Juggler
  • Thief
  • Time Mage